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Zakharchenko’s Direct Line Conference with Residents of Karkhov – Full Text – April 21, 2016

Quemado Institute
Source: DAN
Automatic translation (unedited)
April 21, 2016

Introduction by Quemado Institute

slavapr21uTime constraints and the length of DPR President Zakharchenko’s Direct Line Conference with residents of Kharkov did not allow for a proper translation of this important and illuminating event. What follows is an automatic translation without any editing, so the text is very approximate. We may update periodically with minor improvements to the transcript.

Zakharchenko speaks frankly and openly on participants’ questions about the Donbass war, Igor Strelkov (called “Gunmen” in the autotranslation), the assassinations of NAF commanders, the Kiev leadership, and the role of the United States in instigating the conflict.

Again, in our opinion, President of the Donetsk People’s Republic Alexander Zakharchenko proves himself a leader of caliber comparable to that of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

[Editor’s note: We have accumulating evidence that CIA employees directly monitor and censor websites that publish Zakharchenko’s speeches. Hello CIA analysts! We are happy you are interested in the truth, and hope you enjoy the following article! If Donald Trump gets elected, we suspect you’ll be out of job! We’re sure you’ll find a better one! No hard feelings!]

Zakharchenko online.

slavapr21tZakharchenko: Dear Kharkov! Thank you for what you are not afraid to ask a question and that matters were essentially and important both for you and for us. Of course, not all the questions I had to answer – there are several thousand. But as the full version of our communication with you will continue to stay on this page, I will try to answer more questions later on the other. And I promise that in the near future will hold another online conference with other regions.


Hi, I live in Kharkov, 29 years! And for the last 3 years the level of my life and my family has plummeted, it became critical to earn money for living! He took part in the preservation of order in Kharkov in the spring of 2014, Kharkov has spoken in the spring of 2014 to sign for the preservation of Lenin! After all, he knew that such a change would lead to a halt of production and wage delays and higher prices! But, apparently, the authorities Kiev to crush the resistance! Question: In vain were the efforts of million of Kharkiv ???

Z: No, dear, not in vain! The fact that Kharkiv came to protest and fought as best they could – is it possible to preserve the honor of Kharkov! And the memory of this must support you today. With regard to the deterioration of living standards, then nothing else and will not be until the oligarchs in power, and even under external management. Where’s your president account? In the West? So why be surprised that it is a manual complies with all of the US team and the IMF? We are here rejected such authority and build – People – Republic, in which the main objective is precisely the welfare and well-being of citizens. And this despite the war and the economic blockade from Kiev.

And you try to ask all say that the economic condition has deteriorated Donbass. Also, all say that the economic situation of Ukraine worsened. What is the difference? We have a war, destruction and the economic blockade. And in Ukraine? Why do they have the economy “falls” and people get poorer? We are here all forces and put every penny on it to keep rates on pre-war level. We carry out special market measures to bring down the prices of basic foodstuffs. And in Ukraine? Draw conclusions and make decisions about their future and the future of your children.


We Raisin in complete chaos. Demolish monuments, street names change, the junta robbing us as sticky. Dear Alexander, whether you want to attach the Kharkiv region to the NPT? And if you plan to, when. And please, if you can, let’s not delay. I artillery battalion reactive than I can – help.

Z: I have already said that attach Kharkiv region, like everyone else, to him we will not. It should have a choice of Kharkiv themselves. But if things are so bad you do, you have to look for ways of resistance. Do not give up!


Good day and thank you and all those who heroically defended their right to a normal life. As I understand it, one of the main issues – not only fighting, but also debugging issues vital Donetsk and Lugansk regions apart from the central government. What do you think, what level of self-sufficiency is already available in DNI, LC? In Kharkov – where to get new control frames if people seriously disappointed in today’s “patriots” and those who are behind-Kernes Dobkin?

Zakharchenko online (7) Prior to full self-sufficiency us far, for obvious reasons. However, here it is not about Kiev. Kiev only hurts. Today, we are largely dependent on the assistance of the Russian Federation. This also applies to humanitarian aid, and issues of economic cooperation, cultural cooperation. Many of the materials and products never produced in the Donbass, so help RF invaluable. However, increasing self-sufficiency. We are increasing production capacity, expanding the range of goods produced in the territory of the DNI. If a year ago, under the concept of deficit fell almost everything today, this list has become quite small.

With regard to Kharkiv and lack of personnel. Here you can learn from us. After the outbreak of war escaped from Donbass thousand people, and they were mostly government officials, businessmen and managers. We drew pictures of the people and the policy paid off. Yes, not all mastered, much needed time for training. But over time, the situation began to stabilize. So I’m sure the residents of Kharkiv region will find the talent pool of those who are not indifferent to the fate of their homeland. Well and share staff can, of course – not strangers after all.

I want to be the leader of the DNI. How to do it?

Very simple. It is necessary to obtain citizenship of the DNI and the election to earn the trust of residents, so they voted for you. Here we have nothing new to invent)


Alexander, you realize that the people of Ukraine for you and your collaborators – collaborators and that you will answer for the suffering of millions of people?

slavapr21sZ: I can not agree with you. First, the terminology. “Collaborators” – a person who cooperates with the occupying power, right? We have in the Donbass occupiers not – we are on their own land and are fighting for their homes with those who come to us from other territories with weapons in their hands to kill us. So are the occupiers those Ukrainian soldiers who now occupy beyond the control of the DNI of the former Donetsk region, terrorized – murder and thrown into prison – those of our countrymen who have participated in the organization of a referendum May 11, 2014 – the most democratic procedures of those who invented European civilization.

Accordingly, the collaborators, we can assume that those who are on our occupied territories cooperates with the Kiev regime.

Zakharchenko online (14) But these people we do not call collaborators, by the way. Each made his choice, and after we regain control over the occupied territories, they will be able to quietly leave or stay. Although it may be at times limited in their rights (for example, will not work in the civil service, etc.).


Hello, Alexander. Please tell us, in fact the case in the DNI, in all spheres of life. Information in the media do not, a lie. And on the Internet – an incomplete picture. Thank you.

Z: This I can talk all day, and the time of our on-line conference is limited. So I can not yet offer nothing better than the Internet. By the way, the Internet can find a lot of scenes shot on our lives as the Donetsk channels “1st National”, “Union”, “Hold”, “TV New Russia” and Russian. Here and about war, and about the world. And on agriculture, and on education and medicine, and industrial enterprises, and about the environment. And, most importantly, the history of the people – our heroic people.


Former antimaydanovets: Do you not understand that mentality counted Kharkiv is fundamentally different from the mentality rustic donbasstsev. And after two years ATU – you have lost the support remnants of the city, even among former antimaydanovtsev? As the saying goes, charity begins to the body, and none of us wants to lose a house, apartment, freedom, health and life. I am sure one hundred percent that you have to put Kharkov cross. Mass support in Kharkiv you will not wait for sure.

Z: Firstly, I’m sure you’re wrong. Maybe because you most ashamed of what you have betrayed your ideals, you are trying to present the case so that all the others also came. This is not true.

Secondly, it means that we have to put on the cross Kharkov? The main thing is to Kharkiv and Kharkiv do not put on a cross, as did, apparently, you, “the former antimaydanovets”.


Why among warlords DNI killed primarily ideological supporters Novorosii, and whether there are any results of the investigation of their deaths?

Zakharchenko online (2) We have in the Donetsk People’s Republic of warlords if perish on the battlefield. They were all patriots of Donbass. A investigation of their deaths, we are engaged in – Ukrainian track down the names of those commanders who gave the criminal orders to open fire, and the soldiers who executed this criminal order. All these war crimes would end sooner or later by the court for war criminals – accomplices of the illegal regime in Kiev.


Question from Andrew Melnikov, an employee of the People’s Council of the NPT system. Asked in the studio.

Kharkiv servicemen, ex-servicemen and their families interested in the question about business activity, a job and settle matters with personal documents. They have problems due to the fact that they do not have a local residence. It possible to create a representative body in the power of the DNI or territorial fraternities to address such issues here?

Z: Regarding entrepreneurial activities by military personnel. The document, which regenerates all these difficulties – a military ID. Here, any Kharkiv citizen can get a job and to do business. Since we started issuing passports, it does not matter to us, Kharkivshchina or not. Passport, you are required to receive and, according to this document, you will receive all the full civil rights. With regard to national groups I have two hands “for”! Not territorial fraternity as well representative of the Kharkiv region. I believe that not only Kharkiv, but also Odessa citizens are fighting with us. We need to create fraternity and Odessa and Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye and Kiev. We have people from these regions. If need be – always will render any assistance.


Can a resident of the Kharkiv region and other regions of Ukraine to obtain the DNI passport?

Zakharchenko online (6) To do this, move to the NPT, to join the Republic and to apply to the Migration Service at the place of residence. It is understood that a passport of a citizen DNI, this is not the box on the table and a pennant. It is a question of responsibility. With all the attendant rights and responsibilities.


DNR does not actually participated in the presidential elections in Ukraine in 2014. Given that today the international community (as well as the republic itself) do not deny belonging to Ukraine, if you intend to challenge the legality of the election results?

Z: I have repeatedly said that the election Poroshenko was flawed from the perspective of law and democratic procedures. Not only is that not all of the claimed territory of Kiev took part in the elections, so still and held them against the background of an incredible political terror, when candidates were beaten and threatened with death. Against this background, our referendum and elections in 2014 were much more democratic, and the turnout was extremely high, even for the pre-war Ukraine. Is it on this basis to challenge the legality of the election Poroshenko? I think in the near future this will not be necessary, because they do not believe in long life Poroshenko as president. A sue? Let suing the Ukrainian people – it’s his trouble.


Explain all that behind you build a state? Why is “popular”? Where are your famous oligarchs?

slavapr21rZ: We have before our eyes two negative example and a huge amount of positive. Negative examples – it is Ukraine, as it was before the coup d’état and, especially as it became AFTER coup and came to power Bandera and neo-Nazis. Russia stands out among the positive examples.

DSC_2001 We are building a state, whose main task – well-being, both material and spiritual, of the people. That’s why we are called the “People’s Republic”. To achieve results, we need to eliminate the two main evils that corrode and continue to erode the Ukrainian government – oligarchy and its associated corruption. And these vices so ingrained in the very fabric of the state, that to uproot them is difficult. But we’re not going to give up.

And most importantly, the positive task. We are building a state for which the citizen is the alpha and omega in deed and not in words. Here is a simple example. Any savings penny we spend on it to the standard of living of our population increased. We hold tariffs for pre-war level. We have the economic means to bring down the prices of food and basic consumer goods. All the work of the economic block of our government aims to increase the pensions, benefits, scholarships, salaries. This is – a priority. And the results are already there. It is in Ukraine World Bank records increase in the level of poverty, that is a negative trend. We have positive dynamics. Of course, in conditions of war and economic blockade, it is difficult, but we’re working on it.


Do you believe in God?

Z: Yes I believe you. This, in my opinion, the natural state of man – to believe in God. And the rest is a personal question, and I do not think we should dwell on this.


Alexander, what is your attitude to the Kiev authorities? What are its prospects?
Zakharchenko online (5) This mode, which is the result of a coup d’etat and, in particular, so it rests on the violence (political terror) and a lie. How can you relate to such a regime? Does he have a future? Of course have. Question – how. At the very poor and the evil regime, as well as in humans, there is an opportunity to become even worse and angrier. This is also the future. But this is the future, what I do not want the people of Ukraine. I think that the Ukrainian people have paid a heavy price already for having committed a coup and the coming to power of Bandera and neo-Nazis.

There is another variant of the future. It’s more or less if the healthy forces in the current government will begin systematic work to rid the country of neo-Nazis and criminals and will take the conversion of the state – his return to the path of civilized development. Possible such an option? Of course. But this requires a few conditions. And above all – the people’s will expressed clearly and loudly. So it depends on you and on the inhabitants of other regions of Ukraine.


Why it started and why the war continues?

Z; The war began, we did not – usurpers of power in Kiev. ATO. We held a peaceful referendum – the most democratic event, and we responded with tanks and “Grad”.

To continue the war because that Kiev is not capable of a political settlement. Reason: The permanent political crisis. In these circumstances, the possibility of an escalation of the armed conflict in the Donbass – is an opportunity to extend its power. We – are ready for a political settlement on the basis of direct dialogue and the mutual recognition of each other’s rights.



What good is all the Minsk agreements? And in Ukraine, too?

Z: Minsk agreement: firstly a ceasefire, and therefore saving of lives as the militiamen and civilians Donbass. Second, the “Minsk-2” – this is our diplomatic victory, comparable with the victory under Debaltsevo. We are forced to Kiev to sign the political part of the package of measures which will lead to the degeneration of the authorities in Kiev. Third, the Minsk agreement – this is a sample, for example the regions of Ukraine. They are written that you may require from Kiev. And this can be done through political means. If you do, our sacrifices will be justified in two ways.

I will not say that we did it for you. No, we have had to struggle for the sake of themselves, their parents and their children. But one of the natural consequences of our struggle is the potential for you and the residents of other regions to produce their own expense usurpers of power in Kiev.


Svetlana Nastaseva, “Ukrainian national news” (UNN): How do you feel about the fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin during a telephone conversation with President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko supported the introduction of armed OSCE police mission in the Donbass?

Zakharchenko online (11) Let’s start with the fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin did not say anything about the introduction of armed OSCE police mission in Donbass. Conventional juggling. Putin said that the issue of small arms OSCE observers. We are talking only about strengthening the security of OSCE personnel, and not about changing or expanding their mandate.

Accordingly, I am against the expansion or change of the OSCE mandate in the Donbass, but I have nothing against that, to increase the safety of OSCE personnel. Although, in my opinion, it was easier to contact us, and we have ensured the safety of their employees.

But I know someone who will treat with great enthusiasm to improve the security of OSCE personnel, if it leads to an improvement in their work. They are our front-line people of the territories. They know if they have a “guest” of the OSCE mission – hence, the Ukrainian military did not fire at our territory. As soon as employees leave the OSCE – shelling resumed.

Chapter DNI began to answer questions residents of Kharkiv region in real time.


When the war is over? What decisions need to be taken for this purpose?

Z: For this purpose it is necessary to fulfill Minsk agreements. And this, in turn, need to create the necessary political conditions in Kiev. Probably, under pressure and using Western supervisors, especially in the US. Then we are the people of Kiev are going to look at each other not through the sniper rifle sight, and in the eye through the negotiating table.

There is an easier way. The inhabitants of the Kharkov region, as well as residents of other regions of Ukraine, can surrender their weapons and return home. If you are afraid of repression, then it’s better to run away, for example, in Russia. Let us not forget that in order to ensure that the criminal order has led to the tragedy, it is necessary to have someone executed the order. Ukrainian generals and politicians who give criminal orders, shoot themselves will not.


Can residents freely DNI acquire weapons in the store?

Z: At the moment, the process of registration and withdrawal of weapons from the population of weapons acquired illegally. When it is completed, it is possible that the issue will be put on sale in stores of weapons, and I do not rule out that it will be resolved positively.


Uv. Alexander Zakharchenko, you have a war going on. I am a simple worker, mow from the army – you want to live. But I can not help but ask the question: When future victory over the junta and its complete surrender it possible to impose the death penalty on its commanders? Including over supreme command of Ukraine, in connection with the criminal orders to bomb peaceful cities?

Z: Such questions should be decided by the people through a referendum even possible.


Good day, Alexander. Please tell us, what do you see the prospects of economic relations with the Kharkov enterprises, after the civil war in Ukraine in general and in particular the Donbass.

Z: I hope that before the end of the war still remain in Kharkov company. Judging by the political and economic course of the Kiev authorities, the Ukrainian economy in general and Kharkiv in particular experiencing the last days. Businesses closed, destroyed whole sectors of the economy. However, the Kharkiv region is very promising for cooperation. Even today, when the Donbass in the blockade, our entrepreneurs are finding ways for economic and trade relations with the Kharkov business. After the settlement of the situation, these relationships will deepen.

Donbass – the region of the miners and metallurgists. Kharkov – is a powerful engineering base. Despite decades of destruction of the Kharkov economic and industrial potential in Ukraine, the oligarchs cut of entire plants, the minimum and innovative investment opportunities, Kharkiv is attractive for cooperation the city. Donbass after the war will have to be restored. Enterprises will need to rise from the ruins and the Kharkov engineering will help us in this.


The Internet is often written that the militia of New Russia has repeatedly fought with American soldiers and US Marines were killed by Ilovaiskaya. How do you comment?

slavapr21qZ: The fact that on the side of the Ukrainian army and terbatalonov fought and are fighting the mercenaries from various countries, including the United States, is not a secret to anyone. Comment here is nothing special. Obviously, our conflict has long internationalized, with a very clear line of fracture. On the one hand – the neo-Nazis of all nationalities, and on the other, our part – anti-fascists. Well, let’s not forget that on the side of Ukraine’s present commercial component – PMC mercenaries single.

We are, in fact, do not care who win on the battlefield – from terbatalonov punitive or American (Polish, Czech and so on.) Mercenaries.


Persha bіda scho spіtkala our great Batkіvschinu – tse CCB rozval CPCP. Іnshіna stupnі tragedії nashoї maloї Batkivshchyna – Ukraine (including i have Slobozhanshchina) – tse factuality zahoplennyat s “INTER-zakulіsoyu” usogo Promyslova that s / g їїpotentsіalіv. Tse Bulo zrobleno at poserednitstvі, that for bezposerednoї uchastі kompradorіv-zradnikіvsvogo people – kompartіyno-komsomolskoї nomenclature, that krimіnalіtetu, scho Zgoda steel “olіgarhatom”, that “polіtichnoyu elіtoyu”. Tsya svolota target Taku Yurydychna base, it has allowed for scho chvert stolіttya Get out pozbaviti svoєї zagalnonatsіonalnoї vlasnostі blizko 50 million. Peresіchnih gromadyan, practical vіdstoroniti їh od upravlіnnya svoєyu Powers abo local boards. Heel Chastina population peredchasno vіdpravlena on tsvintarabozmushe napoїhatiget, Ti, scho zalishilisya – obіkradenі, znedolenі, zpiyachenі, demoralіzovanі that dezіntelektualіzovanі. Tragіchnim, ale zakonomіrnim, fіnalom peredostannogo zlodіyskogo regime “godfather Janek” becoming іnspіrovany ‘s over the hill “Reigning coup scho prizvіv to de-facto« zabugornoї okupatsії “bіlshoї Chastain teritorії moєї Kraina. Users healthy gluzdu chekayut, that gotovі priynyati fate in Vizvolennі svoєї rіdnoї Zemlі! Got no great significance, yak bude ymenuvatisya maybutnya Power, yak, vіryu, vіdroditsya on ninіshnіh ruїnah. Rozkazhіt, whether weasel, shanovny Olexander, about your Buchan virіshennya power just Povernennya zagalnonatsіonalno їvlasnostі Nashomu that prevent people from nіkoli vsіgіlkimaybutno їvladi people scho zabrudnili own blood, zradnitstvom, zlodіystvom defamation the chi. Yaku role in stvorennі that upravlіnnі maybutnoyu powers Wee vbachaєte for zalishkі in spravzhnoї ukraїnskoї іntelіgentsії?

Z: The role of the true Ukrainian intelligentsia is to bring back to consciousness of the Ukrainian people, to return it to the high road of civilization. Again, explain to him what is good and what is bad. Again teach openness and capacity for dialogue and understanding. And the main role of this Ukrainian intelligentsia – it is a struggle for the minds of young citizens of Ukraine, which treats cruelly misanthropic Russophobic propaganda.


How can you explain, from a moral point of view, the passive action of Kiev Kharkiv against the Nazi regime and their participation in the production of weapons used against civilians Donbass?

Z: Not sure I have the right to moralize about it. Kharkiv themselves judge. I can only assume that the protest in Kharkov, as we do, began spontaneously, and we confronted the enemy and trained thinking systemically (although make mistakes). Just quickly, we were able to organize themselves, and there were people who took responsibility to get out on the parapet and remove the mask. And political terror, which gave the Kiev regime in Kharkiv, seems reached the goal. At least for a while. I’m sure not all. Either Kharkiv will meet with the forces or the enemy will retreat – to relax or weaken.

As for the weapons, which produces and repairs Kharkov, and which then kills the people we have in the Donbass, here is more complicated. I remember we had a dialogue with our miners. Asked why they, instead of going to battle, go down into the mines and work in Kiev? And they said, children have to be fed. The logic of our response is: do you support the DNI, but the work on the Ukrainian mines; income from your labor go to Kiev for the money Kiev (for example, in Kharkov) produces weapons which then comes to your house and kill your children. The ones that you have to feed.

As a result, we have a miner’s division.


What is the New Russia, and where to find it on the map? What has to Harkov unrecognized formations DNR and LC?

Z: Dear, do not look in the morning Ukrainian card. Because if you believe in the card, which you will sell in Kiev store, you will be poorly oriented in space. Especially if you buy a map of highways. For the map, which is from Kiev, you can go to so much trouble, that only saw in the movies. For example, if “Ukrainian” road will go to the east or southeast. That is, in the Crimea or in the Donbass.

If essentially the Novorossia You can find historical maps. And then already think of themselves. Our days prove – nothing is eternal in this world, and things can change very suddenly and quickly. Look at the map of the former Ukraine, for example. On this card.

A Kharkiv for DNR and LNR – the neighboring region in which they live our relatives, brothers and associates, companions and friends.


Hello Alexander! I am a resident of Makeyevka, in 2014 was forced to enter one of the Kharkov high schools, as later regretted, tell what is your attitude to such people (after all such cases, as I have, not isolated), provided that after the expiration of training they sincerely want to go back and help the Republic?

Z: No offense, but I recall the old Russian proverb: for one broken two unbeaten give. If you yourself have recognized the error of his decision, but still, as I understand, from personal experience, not from books or TV, you can count on a warm welcome from his fellow countrymen in Makeyevka, and in general we have in the Donetsk Republic.


America invaded Ukraine and destroys us. Resists only Donbass. What to do?

Z: There is a formula that describes our possible actions – emphasize action rather than inaction – in relation to a phenomenon which, as it seems, it is useless to resist. For example, a talk about the globalization process. CAN NOT RESIST, BUT NECESSARY. At least in order to stay yourself and not become a necessity is erratic.


Gunmen / Girkin – friend or foe? A simple question, and I would like to hear a direct and simple answer. A dot the «i».

Z: How Vysotsky sang, and not a friend and not an enemy, and – so. This question “simply” can not be answered. Each played a role in the history of our struggle, including the Gunners. The role of an important but controversial.


In the next school year, the child finishes school. We would like to become a student of one of the universities of Donetsk. Is it possible to distance learning option without leaving the temporarily occupied territory (Kramatorsk) or from other regions of Ukraine?

Z: I understand the desire of your child will learn in the People’s Republic of Donetsk, in fact a very strong scientific and research base in our institutions. Nor is it necessary to regularly ride on the Maidan.

Become a student of the Donetsk University can any graduate of Ukraine, you must have a certificate of secondary education. Including the Ukrainian sample, but always original. Be sure to come to the NPT, to submit documents to the selection committee and entrance exams.

We have a level playing field for training at the expense of the budget for the graduates of the NPT, and of graduates who came from Ukraine.

In the universities of the Republic, there are both full-time and part-time and distance learning.


Your opinion – if we have a chance to get rid of “poroshenok”, “Groisman,” “Baptists of the National Security Council,” speakers from the Maidan, and other enemies of our people, bearing in mind that the US roof very solid? Little Ones, playing in the yard, at war with the Russian, unfortunately …

Z: There is always a chance. From us to you it depends on whether we can take advantage of it. American roof, agree, is strong and against us by professionals because of the high level of the ocean. But we were not born yesterday. First and foremost, we have to do – it’s the Ukrainian people to return to consciousness. The process is extremely simple: to bring to the attention of the people the truth. In general, it is true – the most powerful weapon in the information war. And by the way, the most economical.

As long as we all – each in different ways – Maidana resist the regime and the actual US occupation, we still have a chance.

But what you said about the Little Ones in the yard – it’s really scary. This can not be allowed! And it’s taking care of the family. I understand that brainwash children in the Ukraine are already beginning to kindergarten age, but every child from kindergarten comes home in the evening. And every parent should know that have invested in the little head of his child, and tell and show him the truth. That was how it should be. Books, fairy tales, cartoons, films – these are our tools for saving and preserving children’s consciousness. And most importantly, perhaps, it’s bedtime. But it is impossible to ride. If you do not put special effort for the salvation of your children’s mind, the state machine grind them and make them even your enemies.

Let us not forget that the civil war in Ukraine, the efforts of usurping power in Kiev gradually transformed from “horizontal” – it is a conflict in the Donbass – in the “vertical” – it is a conflict between the generations. Maidana government wants to take away your children and grandchildren, to oppose them to you. For this to rewrite history for this forbidden books and movies. The Ukrainian government wants you, your children and grandchildren watched different films and read different books that you lost your children and grandchildren a common language. Here it is necessary to resist the daily and hourly!


Many experts predict DNR and LNR fate of Transnistria. What do you think about this, whether this is going?

Z: Indeed, a comparison of Donbass with Transnistria sounds often. We are talking about a “frozen conflict” as a result of a political settlement. It is theoretically possible option. But Donbass fundamentally different from Transnistria that we have a common border with Russia. This radically changes the situation. We will not turn starve. However, already it happened.


MP from the Party of dill – Sasha, calm down! Spend a normal referendum and fell to please Russia) Be the Ukrainians alone!

Z: MP, cheer up! Make click Kiev remove troops from the territory of Donetsk region – ALL – and then we will hold a referendum peacefully. And we will do as our people say.


If the Russian Federation refuses to help the DNI, your actions?

Z: Firstly, I still believe in Russia and that it will help. And I had no reason to doubt with regard to our Russian.

Secondly, all our efforts are focused on the economy in the production of goods and services, rather than on how to distribute aid from Russia. And we will continue to build our economy. We’re only now understand how we cheated Kiev 25 years, with the help of fraud and corruption schemes by creating the image of a subsidized region. Even now, in times of war and economic blockade, when many mines destroyed, we have surpassed the pre-war production levels. Reason one – we have eliminated corruption and theft.


Good day, Alexander. Easy-whether to switch from the decision of general economic issues to the problems of war, and vice versa? How quickly able to adapt? What is the shape of the head is closer to you: strong economic or warlord?

Z: Switch is sometimes difficult. The main thing is to rebuild the internal rhythm. In military matters, the decision must be taken as quickly as possible – this is often dependent on the lives of your comrades. But in economic matters – on the contrary, we must take the time to think things through, to consider different options. So the switch is difficult, but possible, and I think that has already obtained) As for the “image leader”, then honestly tell you, this is no time to think about. Now we are faced with both a military tasks and chores. And we will solve them as they become available.


Are you prepared in case of an election in the Donbas, prevent Ukrainian Nazi Party, are in favor of the resumption of fighting you? If so, what parties can be allowed?

Z: I have already had occasion to speak about it, even in relation to specific parties. The answer is simple: all the parties that are directly or indirectly supported the punitive operation against Kiev Donbass, will not participate in our elections. It is excluded. And it’s not just a matter of policy, but also a safety issue. How do you imagine the agitators of the party “Freedom” or “Right sector” we have in Donetsk near the airport, where there is no whole-house or in Gorlovka, which is still under fire, or Debalcevo that Ukrainian military just methodically destroyed before how to escape or surrender? Residents of these agitators tear to pieces. No power can stop people in the world who have lost their loved ones, homes, which destroyed lives. No army is not enough to save the agitators, for example, “Right sector” from lynching by the local residents. As for the political side of this question, I once said that there is a chance to try to participate in our elections by the “opposition bloc”. But on one condition. This party, which by their presence in Parliament indirectly legalized punitive operation in the Donbass, should publicly – emphasize publicly! – To repent of complicity in the actions of the Kiev regime and condemn the crimes that were committed Maidan power against his own people.


How are you going to build a foreign economy, if the republic is not recognized by almost any country in the world?

Z: We’re not going – we are building. And trade with other countries, including Ukraine. Here in fact is simple: if we produce food and goods that are in demand in the international markets, the business, including a foreign language, he will find a way to purchase our products and goods. And is, I assure you.

Last year we were even forced to impose a moratorium on the sale of grain abroad, as demand was very high, and we had to first meet their needs. ”


Hello! Tell me, is there any rational reason to hold war Kharkiv in Kharkov for the “Russian world”, in Donetsk? For what? For passports, that no one recognizes or for the sake of pensioners went to the junta for pensions and products through the roadblocks?

Z: You did not put the question. Firstly, I will not wish the war. No Donbass nor Kharkov, and no one else. Because I know what war is, I know what death is at war, I know what it’s like when you die at the hands of friends and comrades. In general, I believe that the real value of the world known only to those who were in the war.

As for the inconveniences and hardships, through which our people – the roadblocks and the like – it is not a goal but the price of victory. Regularly talking to people and getting acquainted with the results of opinion polls, I know that the residents of Donbass mostly consciously relate to and understand the difficulties for which tolerate them.

A goal, that is what you call “for which” the other. Briefly it can be stated as follows: the right to be yourself. We do not want to be using violence and manipulation of consciousness altered by banderovsy standard. We do not want our children to have hammered in the head are not real history of the country’s non-existent. We do not want our children to swear allegiance to the “precepts” Bandera.

And we want to make our parents proud of what they have achieved in their lives. And our children to respect their grandfathers and great grandfathers, and revered as heroes who really gave their lives for us to be at all.


Alexander, please tell me, we all want you to become the President of Ukraine. When you become them, what will you do with Turchinov and Yatsenyuk?

Z: I can not say now who will be the president of Ukraine, when it comes to, will return to the normal system of moral coordinates. But I am sure that any president will be obliged to initiate criminal prosecution Turchinov, Yatsenyuk Nalyvaychenko, Parubiya and many others, so to speak, “figures” that coup, unleashed after the country’s civil war. So – in court!

Is it possible to unite Ukraine as it was before the Maidan? It is clear that the current Kiev government is not able to. Do you have the strength and capabilities to such a union or your goal only New Russia?

Recent history shows that nothing is impossible. Who could have imagined three years ago that we will build the Donetsk People’s Republic. The same can be said about Ukraine. Future multivariate. The main question – what principles can reunite Ukraine. It may sound corny, but to join you first need to disconnect. I think that all the regions must first obtain the best possible autonomy to develop their own rules of life in accordance with their traditions and visions of the future, and then they can all pereuchredit Ukraine.

Maybe on a federal, but rather on the confederal basis. Thus, it will be possible to take into account the specificity of all parts of Ukraine, their diversity and otherness, and thus to develop common rules. Only in this way can avoid a violent unification, whether it is under the banner of Bandera or some other. Relatively speaking, the process should start from the bottom, not the top.


Alexander, there is a possibility in Kharkiv somehow get a new history textbook of the Donetsk People’s Republic?

Z: We originally understood that our main and common struggle – a struggle for the minds of our children. Textbooks on the history of Donbass already exist. We are aware that distribute them in Kharkiv by the retail network unreal, through checkpoints to carry dangerous to life and health, and for the purchase of such books in Ukraine can pay personal freedom. But we will try to do everything possible to ensure that the residents of Kharkiv region and other regions of Ukraine had the opportunity to get acquainted with them, including through the Internet. ”

That DNR may offer the residents of other regions, which benefits would be different from the present-day Ukraine (social standards, media freedom, the absence of dictatorship, human rights, economic and tax advantages, the lack of influence of the oligarchs, for example)? Please reply without slogans and “ukrofashistov”.

Let no slogans. Directly on your list. There are things that are in the stage of formation and discussion – for example, the tax system, so to talk about it sooner. Anyway, we have a tax system is not worse, and we do not charge to pensioners in the war tax.

As for the dictatorship, then we do not have it, although it could be in wartime. We held elections, and, in contrast to Ukraine, while they did not kill the activists, not beaten to death, and the candidates were not engaged in manipulation. And while the turnout was not in the example above, than in Ukraine during the presidential and parliamentary elections.

Human rights are a priority for us. Above all, the main thing right – to life. And this is exactly the right man, which is not observed Ukraine. Including here in the Donbass. Of course, many of the human rights we are limited, but not by us, and Ukraine. And let’s not forget that we are forbidden misanthropic ideology and historical figures, such as Bandera or Nazism.

Social standards? In this question there are two sides. First – this state of cash with social standards. And here we are not very good things. But the reason is not in our unwillingness to address these issues, and that made the Donbas Ukraine. The economic blockade, refusal of social benefits (pensions, benefits, etc.), blocking of the banking system and more. However, here it must be said about the other side – the vector of development. That is, here we are on what tasks we set for ourselves? The main task – the well-being of our residents. And that is why we, unlike Ukraine, utility rates frozen at pre-war levels. That is why we invest every penny earned in that market-based instruments to hold back the prices of basic products. In fact, many foods we are cheaper than in Ukraine, despite the economic blockade and military action.

And, finally, about the oligarchs. De oligarchization economics and politics, along with the fight against corruption are key pillars of our policy. And we in the Republic of complete consensus on this issue.

You can go on and on, but it may be another answer.

General principles of social policy, de oligarchization, the fight against corruption, de banderizatsiya ban ultra-nationalist parties, free elections, sovereignization policy, that is, the rejection of external control and relying on their own strength. All of this could be the principles of policy in most regions of Ukraine.


Alexander, how to deal with the information blockade DNR and LC? How to counteract the lies that accompany punitive operation and, as a consequence, the prosecution of all mortal sins militia Republic and Russia? Ukrainian media brainwashing the population reached its climax.

Z: Fight the information blockade and making fools of population in Kharkov is necessary by all means and at all levels. Chief among them – the family. We must save children from the information of the virus, which spreads from Kiev Bandera authority on American techniques (in a good way, methods – we also do not sin he borrowed them).

Another level, which is not controlled by the illegal authorities of Kiev – the Internet. It is necessary to create a community through which to disseminate truthful information. Given the level of political terror in Kharkov, the community need should be anonymous. The main thing – the level of confidence in these communities and the truth.

In general, it is true – the most efficient and cost effective weapons in the information war. And we must not forget about the books and films, which must be distributed on a “hands.” It’s not just about preserving the Russian language, but also about those ideals that spread Russian art. This is also a weapon in that information war waged with us Kiev illegal government.


Do you plan to economic cooperation in our region? The exchange of experience and personnel after the victory?

Z: Be sure! Our large region that was once called the Donetsk-Krivoy Rog republic, has always been strong cooperation. Scientific and industrial potential of Kharkov, which is now destroyed by the Kiev authorities, multiplied by the potential of Donbass – can bring a breakthrough effect and secure the future for us, our children and grandchildren.

Important in the future – to enter the neutral status of the region, and have economic cooperation with Russia and with the EU. And perhaps it will only be if we are going to decide their own destiny and lead sovereign politics.


Kharkiv remember and will never forget the Nazi marches through the streets of the city. Remember how forced kissing a swastika on his hands and beaten for refusing. Our children are not able to live a “ridge”. Therefore, many were imprisoned. They were tortured, brutally beaten, many were missing. I beg you to help in the exchange of prisoners of Kharkiv! We will never forgive those who brought to our land death, tears, war! We will never forget those who tortured and killed our children!

Z: We also do not forget the crimes committed by the Bandera power in Kharkov, Odessa and other cities of the South-East. Yes, and in other regions of Ukraine, too. And we must not forget. But that’s not it. We must create the conditions to overcome this terrible spiritual crisis of the Ukrainian people.

As for the political prisoners of Kharkiv, we regularly try to include them in the list on the exchange, but the people of Kiev as regularly exclude them from the list or even disrupt the process of exchange. But we will not abandon these efforts.


I live in Kiev, and I want to just say thank you for what you do! You are a brave man, you are to defend their rights, and we have every day is becoming very sad! I understand that the people of Kiev all very angry, we had not let these monsters on the Maidan, but believe that there are many people who are against Europe, against which this power. I am very hurt by the fact that in the Donbas killed so many people, I do not mean “atoshnikov” them to forcibly driven shoot. I want to say: forgive us for our inaction, but … is not forgiven … And yet, thanks to you!

Z: Thank you. To hear such words from Kiev is especially important for us not to lose faith completely in Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.


For what ideals you fight? What is the “Russian world”?

Z: From the beginning of our struggle were slogans that inspired everyone, without distinction of nationality, religion or political views. This freedom, justice, equality and the desire to live according to conscience. “Russian world” – it is intangible, spiritual space in which every individual and every nation can realize themselves and – most importantly – stay himself. “Russian world” does not equate one size fits all. “Russian world” in favor of a colorful variety of anti-dull grayness of Western pseudo-democratic standard.

This, incidentally, applies to Ukraine. The slogan “For a United Ukraine” is a substitution of concepts. You are trying to convince that we are talking about a “unified” Ukraine as an “equal” Ukraine. And this is a lie, and a lie harmful. Ukraine – is different, and this is its potential resource. But politicians in 25 years turned into a resource problem, and now in the cause of war. It seems to me that you have to refute this lie on the same Ukraine and recognizing its diversity, start putting the country again with other regions, recognizing the right


How to relate to the residents of the DNI-controlled territory Kiev, who do not participate in the “TAU” and doing everything possible to avoid involvement in the civil war?

Z: Well relate. We understand that – albeit to varying degrees – but we all have suffered and continue to suffer from anti-people and anti-human policy of the Kiev regime.

If our neighbors manage to avoid involvement in the conflict on the side of the aggressors of Kiev, we will only welcome it.

I have said many times that those who are on the “wrong side” demarcation line, it is better to withdraw from the conflict. You can go to Russia, it is possible to us. The main thing – not the front. We do not want to fight with those who by force or by means of blackmail drove under appeal.

But if not managed to “hang” and got to the front – give up. Peresidit us captive in a quite decent manner, and then, when the conflict is over, safe and sound will return home. ”


Hello! As far as we (on a 5-point scale) in Kyiv cheating issue of DNR and LNR?

Z: On the 5 plus. The only thing that Kiev can not misquote, so it is the very existence of our Republic. But everything else – or an outright lie or veiled.

In this regard, I can advise only one thing: look for primary sources, that is, look on the Internet, our local materials of our lives. This is our TV channels, and our sites. ”


What made you take up arms and confront the current Ukrainian authorities? You are fighting not with them, and with ordinary people, most of whom simply mobilized.

Z: We are at war with those who came to us with arms, to deprive us of the right to decide their own destiny. And who is on the other side of the front line – the ideological or punitive terbatalonov of recruits, we do not know. Usually we learn about who they are, after we take them prisoner.

Therefore, ordinary people, we have said many times: run from mobilization. In Russia, you can run, can the West. Just do not go to the front as there is no one will understand. Well, if you are not lucky and got to the front, then give up. Peresidit war in decent conditions of our captivity, and then go home, safe and sound.


Dear Alexander Vladimirovich, how do you feel about the fact that in 2014 the Russian government has recognized the Ukrainian election as legitimate and thus trampled faith in the fairness of the Russian people. Weight fighters against Nazi scum hopes for support. Only with forks on the tank, no one will throw.

Z: Russia nor in 2014 or this year, did not recognize the legitimacy of the regime in Kiev. Always call and came to power in a coup at the highest level of the regime in Moscow. And Russia’s opinion has not changed!

We also, like Russia, recognize the de facto power in Ukraine, that is, the power that illegally usurped the right to take decisions on behalf of the state.

With a fork on a tank rush, do not, of course, but it might be worth to make the tanks did not go beyond the plant, or at least the city.

Question: Good day, Alexander. Tell me, why the press conference for the residents of Kharkiv region? Indeed, for obvious reasons, you are, unfortunately, not how it can not help us … And ask, and to ask for help is useless, and it is – one of the most interesting questions of Kharkiv.

Answer: Kharkov – Donbas region closest in spirit. And in many respects close to me personally. Here, the public organization “Hold” was formed, which is winter in 2013-2014 almost the only tried to express their indignation at the events in Kiev. And that, along with Stronghold I began my struggle. I’m sure Kharkiv – against fascism, against the lawlessness that reigns today in Ukraine. Today Kharkiv after a period of political terror as it went into the shadows, in the underground, but it sure is not defeated until the end. So I decided to answer the questions of Kharkiv, which reached me from you through my website and social networks, as well as through representatives of Kharkiv friendly association in Donetsk. I am sure that you are still able to stand up to fight and to repeat the feat of your ancestors, once destroyed fascism in his lair. Kharkov need to start to get up from its knees, it should have been done two years ago. Once you realize that without fighting the junta will not reset and start to act decisively, then it will help the people of the DNI. How to deal with the Nazis we know. But you have to do to fight for their future and that of their children.


Pavel Dremov: Anna Dolgareva of Russkaya Vesna Interviews the LPR Commander

On Heroism: A Dialogue
Posted in Memory of Pavel Dremov

Autotranslation (formatted by Quemado Institute)
Russkaya Vesna
September 28, 2015
Posted December 14, 2015

Pavel Dremov, March 8, 2015

Pavel Dremov, March 8, 2015

Dremov: Heroism – is such a word, you know, streamlined. Even heroism of civilians: those in Pervomaisk not escaped, did not leave, but remained under all bombing – it is also heroism. Just go to work, to bake bread for the people, when you shoot – the same heroism. Heroism – we have a fighter Sasha ‘Round “had” on the side “of the family lives … lived. This year, in February, first shot his father, then his mother. They shot just at the Lisichansk checkpoint, dragged out of the car and shot because blood relatives here. He continues to serve – it is also heroism.

Heroism – when people are standing with machine guns and tanks against them. When one party performs Minsk agreement removes heavy weapons and tanks sees in front of himself. But continues to serve, knowing that all their heavy weapons will not work earlier than two hours, and strong opponents fit in fifteen minutes. Still, all are at their posts. This is also heroism. In fact, heroism – it is to be a person in a difficult situation. If you do not win it’s all here: meanness, fear, envy and all the rest, you’ll be a hero unique. Heroes – they are ordinary people from ordinary people completely – they are not there some outstanding. Here there are heroes who simply give themselves fully service work. Even a mother who raises five children, – a hero. Heroism – the concept is very streamlined, very large. And we have a land of heroes. We have those, thank God, very much.

Question: I’ve been watching that now at the forefront of the LC mainly Cossacks, huh?

Dremov: Well, it happened. Yes.

Question: But why did this happen?

Dremov: Well, part of the Cossacks entered the so-called BTRO – a territorial defense battalions. Some, like our regiment, for example, have become part of the People’s Militia LC. And so it has turned out that the Cossacks now really are everywhere at our best, not because they are any otchayduhi not value their life in any case. Just their main task has been for centuries – to protect the homeland, defend the country and to keep their land. And to date. That’s when we Cossack regiment went to the police LC, we are partly preserved their customs, their own rules, but we do all the orders of the housing. Also we are on the front line, to perform tasks and participate in all exercises, and so on. D. Well, the Cossacks – they have been, are and will be.

Question: And what is now the hottest sectors of the front, where the Cossacks are we?

Dremov: Well, here you see the bold, again, Misha “Chechen” BTRO. They are under the Cossack village of Lugansk. It is for Luhansk. Bold – it is near Trehizbenki. Here, close it – gold, Trinity. Just recently, in spite of a full ceasefire, fired and Day, and the Diamond, this suburb Stakhanov, and by the Cossacks, who are at eighteenth BTRO at BTRO Bryanka, all of them were being fired not only from the mortars, but and heavy weapons. The most paradoxical: Minsk agreement, that’s all nice. And there are such attacks that have mortar nobody believes heavy weapons. Mortar 120 mm, I mean. Shoot and with 152 mm. You know, for the glory of the Cossacks did not do it, they do their job, to protect the homeland.

Not for the glory of it all done something for someone else. That, perhaps, the children go to school on September 1, so that later, probably the same Cossacks could live in peace, take the children to school, go to work quietly. In order to do this, not in order to become famous. To just lived quietly at home, that’s all.

Question: How often clashes, here, for example, Stakhanov – Pervomaisk?

Dremov: Well, actually ezhenochno. We like the OSCE Mission to bed, so the fun begins. They occur in different places. The area of responsibility of the regiment big enough. The shelling could be from gold and from Popasnaya and from the Trinity. Quite often carried out acts of provocation: drives up their heavy equipment – BMP2, not so heavy, thirty, kopeck piece, shell position and go. We sometimes can not even fire back for one simple reason: there is an agreement, an agreement, there is an order in the end. Quite often, the enemy starts firing, using this. And on certain days the enemy had information that we were given orders not to respond. They fired at us with impunity and left.

Question: And for what purpose do they do it? For what purpose is being a constant fire on cities, on the Cossacks on civilians?

Dremov: Well, first of all, it is the spirit of demoralization understand … do not like any soldier, when you shoot, and you can not answer. This is to undermine from within the army first. According to the population on mirnomu- displease. They say that because of you we are constantly on fire. In fact, all perfectly see that no one is going to perform in Minsk agreement, at least the Ukrainian side – that’s for sure. About any withdrawal of troops can be no question, they, on the contrary, here the troops pulled. Poroshenko not hesitate to say on television that he was grateful to the truce, he had to re-equip the army, to repair and build new shelves. And I assure you that the public looks at it and smiles. There was a case in October last year with the OSCE mission in Frunze. We lie to them under fire Ukrainians. And representatives of the OSCE, Petrak from Bulgaria, calling the focal point: “Why did you shoot?”. Those saying they do not shoot. Yes, I say I’m lying, you will shoot me. On 10 minutes the shelling, he called back and asked, “You left?”. He is standing next to me, said: “Yes!”. Immediately after his “yes” starts pounding again. I ask him: why are you in the reports do not specify it? He says that all states in reports. But what gives our head of the OSCE mission, he says, our records very nearly the same. Here it would like to draw attention. Wrong is everything.

Question: What do you think, what is it all going? That is the result: a strange alignment of a strange war, where one party performs the Minsk Agreement, and the second – no. What is this? Besides that the Donbass again become part of Ukraine, or, on the contrary, full-scale war, or to the Transnistria scenario?

Dremov: I do not want to Transnistria scenario as, in principle, and do not want to, and full-scale war, but back in Ukraine, we do not have roads. There is a number of reasons. Let’s not there by the LC, the DNI, and the prying eyes look at Ukraine. The fact that it is happening now. They built the Nazi state. A little distracted. Churchill once said that in the future the most zealous Nazis will be called anti-fascists. And so it came to Kiev. They argue that Putin and Russia are building here on the basis of Hitler’s armies, and so on. D., And so on. N. In this case, the battalion “Azov” has swastikas on their sleeves, while the right sector is recognized worldwide Nazi organization, and so on. What kind of democracy can we say if, because people wore a T-shirt in Kharkov (the news recently) with the inscription “USSR”, he was beaten and torn T-shirt. For that reason he is not dressed like that? This is only the first steps, then they kill those who will not speak, do not think so. Already in full hunt for dissidents.

And waiting for us … well, probably … I’d love to have waited for the world to ukrofashisty comrades retreated to the border, gone from us, and doing it themselves, and we are engaged in their area to themselves. But if war breaks out, we are ready to respond adequately. And most likely it will have another pot once. Imagine, they have superiority in technology, superior in others, but no matter what they have started, in the end it all ends boilers, and they sit in the boilers. They even have a joke. They say on the Maidan two veterans met, and one asks the other, “You are the caldron in which he served?”. So they all will serve and boilers.

Question: You somehow interact with the civilian population? What is the reaction of the peace?

Dremov: Various. In most cases, people understand us, support. It was easier to give steel a pension, social payments, we are trying to help people. But still there are people out there … that’s what we are positively different from the Ukrainian government, we are not persecuted for his views. There are people who believe in Ukraine. Please believe me, just do not harm, do not do anything, and believe … please, it’s your right. We need to give people a bit of freedom, that’s their business. There are people who honestly believe us.

Question: I just saw a lot of people who are afraid that the militia will depart, depart from Day, go away from our border zones …

Dremov: I’ll tell you a story. Well, clearly, we are acting Regiment. He was tasked to conduct exercises. The second battalion was withdrawn Pervomaisk and goes to the landfill work battalion tactical exercises. That same evening, I come here, and here the demonstration in Pervomaisk. Like, how can you leave us? Are you leaving? No, I say, we go to the exercises. We will come. Civilians did not give us leave, said: “Stay here and protect the city.” We were forced to agree. And the battalion traveled to parts of the doctrine. People have seen all of them together with us have gone through all of this, and we are with them. Grief and joy – all together.

We hid them under the bombardments, transported and bread and water, and they helped us a lot, simple people, very much. One sat on the headquarters, there is a small room staff called one at all. December 2014. And there comes a grandmother, her 80 years probably. Only then we gave the first payment. And it brings a half liter of milk, bread and flour buns. I said to her, “Grandma, yes, it is not necessary, we have everything.” She replies: “My grandmother suffered greater grandmother is now rich, you need to eat.” That’s what I remember. People are willing to give the last, you know, just to come here is not a war, but we were able to protect them.

Interviewed correspondent “Russian Spring” in LPR (LC) by Anna Dolgareva

In Memory of Pavel Dremov
Assassinated December 12, 2015
“We Mourn”