Janus Putkonen: Finnish Journalist Returns to Donbass

Janus Putkonen: “We must build a Mannerheim line”
by Laurent Brayard

Novorossia Vision
Autotranslated from French by Quemado Institute
August 27, 2015

Janus Putkonen

Janus Putkonen

Janus Putkonen is Finnish, born in a small town in Pernaja name in 1974. Coming from a family tied to the arts, particularly theater, he became director and screenwriter Porvoo theater on the shores of the Baltic. There is therefore predisposed to begin a career in the media to a political awareness in the mid 90. On that date, it includes in the great dance of the international media that something “wrong”. This realization led him to work quickly in the communication and in the media. It naturally be based alternative media in his country but in the Donbass finally born in his head a vast project: DONI group.

When asked about his commitment to the Donbass, Janus said he did not know much about Russia, except as a tourist and he does not practice the Russian language. However, having felt that the cause of Novorossia was much more complex and that something was behind the eagerness of the media, he decided to go there in March 2015. As he himself said, “it was a real shock, the eve of my departure after this immersive stay, it was very difficult, I did not want to leave and I could not sleep. So I promised myself that night to come back, what I understood was too important. ” As many independent journalists came here, far from the mass media circuit, Janus was terrified by the situation of Donbass and the huge stakes of this war. He explains that before his arrival, he had already realized that manipulation and lies were at work around the events of the Maidan and the war against the insurgents Ukraine Donbass. His coming in the midst of the inhabitants, however, was a revelation, leading him to the obvious: we had to come back.

His promise was kept, after having taken the necessary contacts with various investors and sponsors, he hastened to return: “I intend to stay here, even forever! In Finland I was warned that if I went, I was under the threat of arrest and an eight-year prison sentence. ” The affirmation thrilled, but very real. Finland is indeed a member of the European Union since 1995 and if it is not a member of NATO, it actively collaborates with the organization by signing a partnership signed in 1994 and entered as a member the Council of Euro-Atlantic Partnership 1997 http://www.nato.int/cps/fr/natohq/topics_49594.htm. Traditionally non-aligned before these signatures, the Finnish neutrality is therefore hypothetical and facade. Despite the statements of the Prime Minister of Finland Alexander Stubb, December 19, 2014, that the NATO membership of their country was to require a referendum, it is clear that Finland is under pressure from the Atlanticist countries and especially the mighty America. http://www.geolinks.fr/grands-enjeux/les-enjeux-geopolitiques/la-finlande-et-lotan-la-problematique-adhesion/ .

Given this situation, it naturally peaceful Finnish people is shared. The difficult history of Finland with Russia has always led this courageous people to mistrust the powerful and sometimes turbulent neighbor. In Finland the collective memory keeps a bitter memory of the Russo-Finnish Winter War of 1939-1940 and the struggle during the Russian Civil War to snatch its independence from the Bolshevik already quite engaged in a Soviet imperialism. Janus however not be of those who fell in a simplistic and massive propaganda. After contacting various investors immediately after his first trip in the Donbass, he gathered enough funds to embark on the adventure and arrives again in the Donbass. After gathering a small international team, but also local and activists such as the famous American Russel Texas Bentley, he founded the foundation of the agency, with DNINews.com, DNIPress.com, and finally ProDonbass.com SaveDonbassPeople.info http://dninews.com/.

“We must build a line of defense of information, in the image of the Mannerheim line. The problem in Europe is that we are under the influence of propaganda aimed to subjugate the peoples of Europe to a system that is actually the enemy of all European and Western nations. We must win this battle. Often Russian-speaking media is more just in the West, but the problem lies in the fact that the idea of ​​the people all that comes from Russia or the Russian-speaking world is a propaganda. Then I had the idea of ​​an independent agency, which would be the heart of the Donbass, a hotbed of resistance, both to help the Donbass, to help its people, but also to start building this line. We communicate for now only in English, the most commonly used language in the world, but the long-term project is to communicate in all important languages. While initially we will focus on re inform the Donbass, the ambition is to understand the information in the world.”

In fact the project is already well underway, they are very numerous as already effective launch of Radio Free Donbass, the organization of Press Tour to Western journalists, charity concerts directly in the Donbass or the delivery of humanitarian aid to the people, vulnerable people, wounded, children or elderly. Already surrounded by a dozen employees, the Mannerheim line is already under construction. All this promises a bright future for alternative media whose noble and laudable goal shows that exists throughout the European continent, the intelligences who understand that peace and happiness of the peoples and nations of Europe are never put through consolidation the current European Union, the European Fourth Reich.

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