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─ NAF Commander Likens Denis Pushilin to Chamberlain

Message from Commander with Call Sign
“Varyag” (Alexander Matyushin) (posted by Vladimir Suchan)
October 11, 2015

[Quemado Institute Editor: the article below has been autotranslated with only minor editing, as the correct interpretation was unclear.]

UAF Shelling of Donetsk, October 10, 2015

UAF Shelling of Donetsk, October 10, 2015

Yesterday was fired Donetsk. Burning high-rise building and at the same time, Eduard Basurin reports about the latest troop movements. But the terms of the truce. How do you think – if the situation does not return to last year’s winter, when our peremiryalis before that burned the whole city and only when it was absolutely nothing – went on the offensive? Has Ukraine has chosen the tactics of silent terror: a war without war, where every day there will be three or four violations, because of which and like the world can not be forfeited, and everything is constantly in tension is in case of resumption of hostilities whether troops Novorossia push the enemy from the city?

This question was answered legendary militia “Varyag” Alexander Matyushin:

Neville Chamberlain (

Neville Chamberlain (–

“Indeed yesterday Ukrainian troops again fired Donetsk, once again, violating the truce. Since the announcement, Mr. Pushilin [restated] the fact that peace has come. Ukrainian troops have not once violated this fragile truce. Moreover, the statement of Mr. Pushilin reminded me of a statement made by Chamberlain after the signing of the Munich agreement in 1938, when Chamberlain said that he had brought the world a year later flared all the world, and started the bloodiest war in human history. But this is a digression.

Let’s go back to the situation in Donetsk. Already, we see that the Ukrainian side took weapons is not something that is less than 100 mm caliber, it took a gun with a caliber of 100 mm, indicating that non-compliance with its agreements and Minsk, respectively, We also will not yet take their field artillery. Therefore, every provocation on the part of Ukrainian troops we can answer adequately. I’m in one of my previous articles written about it, where I expressed the opinion that we are in contrast to the LPR, will not fully withdraw its weapons until such time as the Ukrainian side has not fulfilled its obligations similar.

If we compare the situation to the one that prevailed last winter, here there are significant differences. Then almost the entire territory of the DPR worked DRG opponent, why, and gave the impression that that be under fire the whole territory of the DPR. Now we do not see such activation subversive groups of the enemy, or they sit and wait for the order, or after the “Minsk-2” were withdrawn from the territory of our young Republic, because, as before in moments of acute during this “bitter truce” DRG opponent does not intensified practical in our territory.

More precisely, they are, but not in such an amount as the last winter. But this time the so-called truce, we also had a good reason, had quite a substantial reorganization of the militia units, reformed into a regular army (you can read some of my articles, they periodically come out). Training and morale of our army has increased significantly, as well as material support (from ammunition to food and clothing), so in the event of further provocations on the part of Ukrainian troops, we will be able to adequately respond to them, and, if necessary, go on the offensive and smash enemy. Our next war will end with our victory, because we will win because we are the winners! ”