Mariupol: Enemy to Protest Shirokino Demilitarization

Heights near Shirokino (

Heights near Shirokino (–

Enemy Report: Mariupol Opposes Demilitarization of Shyrokyno / Quemado Institute (from / Edited autotranslation / July 15, 2015 / [Editor’s note: This article is presented from the enemy (Ukrainian Armed Forces) point of view, but is interesting for its perspective.] / Already we are preparing the withdrawal of forces from ATO “extreme positions outposts” to “basic defense position.” This was decided at the General Staff of Ukraine. Our thoughts, our anxiety and fear are not heard. And our serious concerns are due to the failure of military operations in Ilovaisk, Saur-Mogila, Debaltseve and the Donetsk airport. Representatives of the Coordination Council of patriotic organizations of Mariupol express their protest against the plans of the General Staff and the sector “M” on the withdrawal of forces from ATO dominant and strategic height “Lighthouse” in Shyrokyno village. At the meeting of representatives of the Council, held on 12 July 2015 at the headquarters of the sector “M”, General Fedorovym, sector commander “M”, made incorrect statements to the volunteer battalions, in particular – that the men of Azov and the Donbass are the bandits and looters, who cannot fight. He explained that he initiated the amendments to the Minsk agreements in March this year, saving the village Shyrokyno. But it’s been three months and the village is completely destroyed. We, ordinary residents of Mariupol and knowing the area, understand that the height of “Lighthouse” is the key to the city of Mariupol. And if the ATO is forced even a meter from these strategically important heights, it means to expose a city of half a million nebezpekuobstriliv [sic]. None of us residents does not guarantee that will be the condition of the Minsk agreements [sic]. By the Minsk Agreements the village of Shyrokyno is Ukrainian territory. We do not understand the decision of the General Staff of Ukraine! We have dealt at all levels. The brother of Deputy Chief of General Staff General Vorobyov is a member of the State Duma. Around us are traitors and treason. The Russian side did not guarantee and does not recognize its military presence on our land, urging the world community that Ukraine is in a civil war. The terrorists left the village of Shyrokyno, but the requirement for us to leave and take a strategic height is putting the city [sic]. We by the Minsk agreements are the line of demarcation and on its territory. The village is completely destroyed, it is impossible to live there. And the presence of representatives of the OBSN [OSCE] does not guarantee peace and tranquility, but rather exposes the city to mortal danger. We do not believe the terrorists and their promises. They do not perform according to arrangements and every day our ATO forces are fired at in the “Lighthouse”. We therefore urge the people to the protest. Caution The protest in Mariupol! Mariupol! Alert! Despite the populist promises not to withdraw from a height “Lighthouse” our fighters, the government still diverts troops from Shyrokyno, leaving a strategic height – exactly the height from which, on January 24 2015, the “East” neighborhood was fired upon! Do not allow a repeat of the attack! Do not give in turn East Shyrokyno 2!

We call all take to the streets and prevent the troops from executing the criminal orders to retreat! On this depends the life of everyone in Mariupol! We must save our city! Obligations to prevent the conversion of Mariupol to the ashes of thousands of deaths and destroyed houses! All in protest! Attend the protest in East neighborhood, near the monument of civilians on Saturday, July 18, 2015 at 17:00. All to protect the city and the world at it!

Quemado Institute Editor’s Note: The author of this urgent call to protest is pretending to believe, or possibly does believe, that the demilitarization of Shirokino will lead to another “attack on Mariupol” similar to that of January 2015,. They are assuming, probably falsely, that the Mariupol attack was carried out by the Novorossiya Armed Forces. Many observers at the time, however, attributed the Mariupol attack to UAF weapons gone awry.

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