Epic: On the Memory of Pavel Dremov

Last Nugget of Donbass
Guest Article by Eugene Krutikov

Autotranslation (with minor editing by Quemado Institute)
December 13, 2015

Pavel Dremov

Pavel Dremov, Novorossiya Field Commander

From the governments of Donetsk and Lugansk are already almost gone the pioneers – romantics who fight against oligarchs, the nuggets from the local provincial intelligentsia and small businesses. They were killed in battle or through ambushes and bombs.

On the route from Stakhanov to Pervomaisk was blown up a car, which drove Pavel “Dad” Dremov,, commander of the 6th Cossack Brigade of the 2nd Army Corps of the DNLR, that is part of Lugansk. In Lugansk. Pavell was the last of the local “nuggets” that participated in the War of Independence of Novorossiya on the first day. And until his last days, he remained one of the most outstanding representatives of the romantic, sincere direction of the war, those who were not so dear life as it is the very idea.

His car exploded when he was driving to his home Stakhanov (Kadievka) to continue celebrating his own wedding. He married a Russian journalist from St. Petersburg – it’s a common fad in war zones, there are very quick to find a life partner from military journalists, but the main celebrations were in St. Petersburg, and in his native Stakhanov assumed a solemn wedding and then a banquet in Pervomaisk. This route it was not a secret for anyone. Half of the LPR knew exactly how to follow Dremov and what machine he was riding in. And where it will stop, so that you can put a bomb in it.

Dremov was local. This is particularly important for an understanding of what was happening. The distance between the Stakhanov and Pervomaisky tiny. It’s almost a village. And Dremov was one of the first who got up there at the head of the then almost of evolving self-defense units. And he and the deceased Mozgovoy had tried to keep the largest industrial agglomeration to the north – Lisichansk – Severodonetsk. Now there is no need to disassemble, why and in what specific situation Dremov and Mozgovoy left the area and retreated to the south – to their Stakhanov, Pervomaisk and Alchevsk.

After the formation of the regular army of the disparate groups in Luhansk Dremov relatively calm perceived subordination and recognized the authority of Plotnitsky while his long time were almost as the sole dictator of several settlements, and Mozgovoy has been under mysterious circumstances killed, which is quite easy to write off the Ukrainian subversive group. Previously, they had killed the poor (Batman) and Ishchenko, as local nuggets do not fit into the general scheme of the regional administration.

For a long time Dremov has been considered almost the last of the “old” Luhansk commanders who took an independent political position. This is not quite true. No independent political position he had not. Dremov did not play politics in the form, as they understand the curators. He simply did not know how. As Mozgovoy – a poet, a provincial intellectual, who had put on camouflage suddenly, as often happens in such situations in different countries and even in different parts of the former Soviet Union.

The problem of local nuggets, and them we began to talk almost immediately after the war, it was in their complete denial of some obscure political intrigues them. Dremov and Mozgovoy were idealists and romantics to the extent that, in principle, did not understand what the game is about them and their military units. And their employees – local guys with guns – believed in them, as in the gods, not because they were pursuing any specific policy goals or rushed to the ephemeral power, but only because they were local and could lead the boys out industrial and mining towns, to get them to give them a meaning and purpose for which it is possible and necessary to fight and die.

They really thought that protect their homeland, their families, language and nation specific communities, not only from the fascists and nationalists, but also from the oligarchs different activity and importance. And if Mozgovoy really was a poet, “leftists”, communist in the best sense of the word, Dremov – rather just a local hero, “boyfriend”, with specific notions of good and evil, socialist equality, Cossack superiority and, thus, a complete lack of skills Hardware struggle.

He was quickly pushed to the margins of political life, and he replied became convict coal trade, not realizing that it is also an element of the war. He and his polutysyachny squad, the former “garrison Lysychansk” joined in the second Army Corps DPR/LPR, but a degree of independence he still persisted. And if charismatic boys from Donetsk, Moscow and the Caucasus, the commanders “Sparta”, “Somalia”, “Fifteen”, “Spaniard” and other somehow still joined in the general mainstream, then Dremov and Mozgovoy could not. For them there after relative stabilization of the front line and began the construction of a new state was unacceptable. They claimed the political presence in these processes, and when these processes become manageable unknown to them people, their opinion was, by definition unnecessary.

And you thought it would be simple? What were all born to fulfill its historic mission? Maybe so, but too many sincere people have given their lives for their ideals after these ideals were “reformatted” by people more understandable to those who took the responsibility to determine the internal policy DPR/LPR.

To impose Dremov also quite a lot of complaints, accusing including a protection racket in the same coal, and he began to write in response to a public video message, exposing a number of Cossacks in front of the camera. At some point, we have already talked about the fact that Dremov away from sin will leave the Donbass. What it is quite strange to the local natural, who is forced to leave the Donbass, and then return back when the situation becomes unpleasant and again almost critical.
Dremov belonged to the category of local, who could control the situation in individual localities, including a fundamentally important for the coal trade. In addition, we are talking about Stakhanov Ferroalloy Plant, and the status of this kind of large enterprises in the Donbass is now extremely doubtful.

Legal their affiliation is not clear, as there is no formal responsibility for its own due to a lack of understanding of the property itself.

Dremov with its very chegevaristskimi outlook on life believed that plants former oligarchs have, by definition, “belong to the people,” and that it is from a legal perspective, it is now no one understands.

Stakhanov Ferroalloy Plant has in fact belonged to him, since his party controlled the city. Where there is any action Kolomoisky – already not interesting. This is normal for this kind of history of civil wars. And so the story of the murder of Dremov it is possible to fit into the overall context of the fight against corruption, which MGB Lugansk announced all the oligarchs consecutive indiscriminately.

The governments of Donetsk and Lugansk already almost gone pioneers – romantics fight against oligarchs, of nuggets from the local provincial intelligentsia and small businesses. They were killed in battle or so here – in ambushes and bombs in cars. The first generation of nuggets eroding. That process of “nationalization”, which in the Caucasus held a dozen years in the Donbass passed a couple of months, and several lives of talented and honest people.

Dremov did not live up to 40 years. But this is the case when a person will be remembered not by the day but by deeds.


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