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Zakharchenko: Ukraine Hangs Between Dictatorship and Counterrevolution

By Alexander Zakharchenko

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Edited autotranslation by Quemado Institute
February 21, 2016

Alexander Zakharchenko

Alexander Zakharchenko

The anniversary of the coup in Kiev was marked by new riots, and promises another Maidan.

First you need to remember that these events are taking place against the backdrop of a deep political crisis, the degradation of the economy and monstrous decline in living standards of Ukrainian citizens. Why is this happening? Because as a result of the coup and the violent overthrow of the legitimate authorities, whcih in Kiev is called “revolution”, processes of destruction were launched that no one can stop. It happens to all revolutions. They all ran to the people and the state of self-destruction process [sic]. That is why we are against any revolutions, according to their version. And the Russian and Ukrainian peoples have exhausted the limit on revolutions.

Where is the exit? Historically, there have been only two. Either the victory of the counter-revolution, or the victory of the revolutionary dictatorship, which then, painfully, through blood and sweat, the people return to public life. Here we are just at the limit of the second option and the Russian and Ukrainian people are exhausted. Many intelligent people in Russia and Ukraine said and say that the people and the state will not survive another revolution. Here we see the result in Ukraine. The process of self-destruction is happening on the Maidan, and Ukraine will not survive.

About dictatorship in Kiev, I do not believe it, because, firstly, there are no candidates for the role of dictator. Well, certainly not Poroshenko! And secondly, the people will not accept dictatorship, if there were another coup and the henchmen of Bandera and neo-Nazis come to power.

So I do not have any optimism about the development of the situation in Ukraine. And I have is no cause for joy. Because Ukrainians are a sorry, sorry people. On this I will have to remind you that we did not fight, and do not fight, with the Ukrainian people. We are fighting against Bandera and their accomplices, who have usurped power in Kiev.

Is a counter-revolution possible? Of course. But it depends on whether the Ukrainian people gather together to overthrow entrenched usurpers in Kiev, and whether there are leaders who will bring the Ukrainian people to a return to common sense, traditional moral values and economic revival. That is, leaders who will not make the Ukrainians become someone else—the Europeans, for example— once again become themselves, with their real history, real culture, and real heroes.

So I was quite surprised by the pogroms in Kiev. It is clear that now, after the authorities, who were initially illegitimate from the point of view of the law, have lost the moral legitimacy, and the Maidan flywheel [tr?] will go the next round and eventually destroy Ukraine, or the Ukrainian people will stop it and return to normal life. We in Donbass have already made our choice and are ready to render assistance to the Ukrainian people, if they will gather to stop the Maidan flywheel and return to normal life.

–February 21, 2016, Donetsk.


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