Quemado Institute Novorossiya News Archives

This is a backup and experimental website.

Memory limitations at the Quemado Institute website required off-loading to this platform some of the older news from the NEWS FROM NOVOROSSIYA page. To see Quemado Institute’s monthly News from Novorossiya archives, click page tabs at top of screen.

Donetsk, Donetsk People's Republic, Novorossiya

Donetsk, Donetsk People’s Republic, Novorossiya


These archives contain a history of the Ukraine civil war and the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics from March to July, 2015. For news more recent than July 2015, see Quemado Institute’s dedicated website Novorossiya Daily Sun.




Integrative*Mind is an auxiliary and backup website for Quemado Institute. It may also be used for experimental purposes unrelated to Quemado Institute content. Posts on the Integrative*Mind platform may not necessarily represent Quemado Institute policy. We do not guarantee accuracy or newsworthiness.

The Quemado Institute website was originally founded as a platform for thoughtful discussion on topics of current interest, including world peace, modern physics, American foreign policy in Europe and Asia, health, and the environment. Due to the urgency of the current crisis in Donbass, America’s relations with Russia, and the upcoming US elections, these issues are the primary focus of the Institute at the present time.

slavyanskmar4yQuemado Institute was named after the elk and wildlife refuge we own and maintain in the high mesa country near Quemado, New Mexico, (see photo). Karl William Pomeroy, Institute founder, is a retired physicist and embedded systems engineer. He now devotes his time to the in-depth study of alternative views on world affairs, particularly concerning US-Russian relations, as well as to classical and jazz piano, bagpipes, and nonstandard theories of general relativistic cosmology.

Quemado Institute strives to publish excellent and timely news and commentary free of charge to our readers.

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1 thought on “Quemado Institute Novorossiya News Archives

  1. volodya60

    This, I hope is a secure record being held of all your publications to do with Novorussia and the conflict. I wish this sort of thing had been around when NATO bombed Belgrade, a central and secure area that can be brought out when the truth and evidence is needed. Serbia too needs constant keeping of evidence and moreover the evidence to come that is filtering reluctantly out of the atrocities committed by and under grant of NATO.

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