SU-24 Shootdown Planned: Erdogan Supports Islamic State – Opinion

Alex Zot’ev: Moment of Truth Arrives
the Mask is Dropped
Autotranslation (unedited)
November 25, 2015

Erdogan peers at US President

Recep Tayyip Erdogan peers at US President

Turkey yesterday’s demarche has opened many eyes to what is happening in the region. Russian aircraft shot down VCS, performing a combat mission to destroy the militants LIH (the organization’s activities in the Russian Federation is prohibited) on the territory of Syria, Turkish authorities finally put everything accents.

Russian Su-24 was shot down in Syrian airspace, it is acknowledged by all, with the exception of Turkey. Thus today it can be argued that the campaign for the destruction of the Russian bomber was well planned and prepared. Speaking Russian, Erdogan knew what he is and is able to foresee the consequences. Given how serious they may be, we can assume that the stakes are very high.

The attack on our aircraft has allowed high-ranking Russian politicians, including President Vladimir Putin openly accuse Turkey of aiding LIH. Erdogan or does not respond. Moreover, the accusations in the financing of the terrorist organizations that Ankara has not found it necessary to refute. And what sense to deny the obvious? When the network got pictures son of the president of Turkey, surrounded by commanders LIH, the international community remained silent, pretending not to notice, hung a tense silence, and after it became clear that the majority of murdered LIH fuel tankers transporting crude oil for processing, owned by Turkey. Will the world community to remain silent after Turkey openly sided with LIH, has decided to provide power support to militants?

slavnov25wYesterday, the world realized two things – Turkey will not stop the advancement of the LIH in the Middle East, this is the first. Second – all have seen the true face of the representatives of “moderate opposition”. It happened at a time when the network has got the video, in which US-funded guerrillas shot and Turkey Russian pilots. Now hardly anyone blame Russia, if it decides to spread the position of this “moderate opposition”. The right to self-defense! Remember?

Turkey determined its priorities and is now almost openly acted on the side of LIH, while trying to draw in the event the other members of NATO. Masks thwarted. Now no one I personally can not prove that the LIH this natural phenomenon caused by the desire to revive the Caliphate fanatics. After the attack on the Russian bomber was almost officially declared that the LIH this project, implementation of which, at least, has participated and participates Turkey. The project of regional scale, which has grown and today is a threat to the world. Personally, I am in his worldview to the abbreviation “LIH” added the letter “T”, which means “Turkish”. I think it’s right, and many would agree with me.

Yesterday’s incident personally, I opened my eyes to many things. What on the surface – Turkey deprived of profits from resale of purchased crude oil from LIH, Assad troops with the support of Russia shake Turkomans, Syrian Turkmens supported Erdogan and are part of the Turkish people. Reasonably tight as those at the time, opposed the official Damascus. Erdogan is trying to regain lost position in the region, designated as a sort of savior of the Turkish people, the defender, who is willing to use force when the first threat. That is why today, making a good face on a bad game, it makes a sharp statements to justify their aggression against Russia.

Bilal Erdogan, son of Turkey's President, having lunch with ISIS leaders.

Bilal Erdogan, son of Turkey’s President, having lunch with ISIS leaders.

But all of the above is just the tip of the iceberg. What is invisible? Today I realized that we have missed the most important thing. Watching as the fanatics of LIH, rather Tigil build a Caliphate, even partially, we believe in the seriousness of their intentions. And because of their naivete, it missed the point – in the Middle East is not going to build any of the Caliphate! In the Middle East is banal revival of the Ottoman Empire!

Actively supporting and funding the LIH, Erdogan has pursued a simple goal. No, this is not the purchase of cheap oil. This finely. Erdogan planned to attach to the new territory of Turkey. Imagine if, in our civilized age, someone decided to restore by force the Ottoman Empire in its previous borders? A hopeless undertaking. Therefore, Erdogan went the other way. He developed a simple plan, in which radicals destroyed state will disintegrate Iraq and Syria, and Turkey, which no doubt had planned to take an active part in the fight against fanatics, pick up part of the territories of these countries, to prevent trite prevail on them anarchy. Plus Kurdistan. And it was quite logical and implemented the plan, while in the course of events in the region intervened Russia, will not allow to destroy Syria and gave hope to Iraq.

Think I’m exaggerating? Not at all! Everyone who will analyze policy Turkey pursued it in the Middle East, will sooner or later come around to the same conclusions. And the personality of Erdogan speaks in favor of my theory. In his youth Erdogan graduated from high school religious Imam-Khatib, and was chairman of the Youth National Salvation Party cell. That is, we nationalists and Islamists. Nationalists and Islamists at the helm of a secular state! Well, perhaps not the ideal candidate for the role of the leader, the revival of the Ottoman Empire? And so it happened that struggled with LIH and slept Tigil!

Turkey Attack on Russia caused a wide resonance in the media and the blogosphere. Apart from those who are outraged and condolences, and there were those who shouted that Russia “wiped her face”, “washed”, “swallow”. I wonder what these people were waiting for? Waited that the missile cruiser “Moskva” will bring down their strength to the border of Turkey and the Caspian Flotilla will burn with fire missiles Ankara? Complete nonsense. Those who constantly predicts World War III, I want to discover a terrible secret – it is already underway. Only this war, a war economy, politics and petty local conflicts do not interfere in our world, because for us it is a war front, the division raised in the attack, tank battles and stuff. This war will be gone. At the very least, provided that both parties to the conflict are nuclear powers.

Do not forget that in Turkey is currently a lot of our compatriots. Any aggravation towards Turkey can greatly affect them. During the week they are back home, and new tourists to Turkey will not go. Since yesterday, many large tour operators have started to exclude this country from their routes. Turkey will lose our tourists, which it previously hosted in a year about 4 million people. More Let’s just Germany. This blow to the economy. The first one, which I’m sure a number of attacks on Turkey from Russia. The correct strategy is guaranteed to lead to victory. Emotions are not appropriate, too much is at stake. To be or not to be a new Ottoman Empire will be decided in the coming weeks.

Yes, still, those who cry that the whole world saw it shoot down Russian aircraft may even Turks. Firstly, Turkey is the most powerful and prepared army in the region. And secondly, to piloting a fighter to shoot down the bomber, who does not expect the impact does not need to be Pokryshkin …

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Editor’s note: An additional report on official Turkish involvement in the Islamic State, entitled Turkish intelligence chief: ISIS is a reality and we must stop Putin from crushing the Islamic revolution, can be found at Fort Russ.



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