Pavel Dremov: Anna Dolgareva of Russkaya Vesna Interviews the LPR Commander

On Heroism: A Dialogue
Posted in Memory of Pavel Dremov

Autotranslation (formatted by Quemado Institute)
Russkaya Vesna
September 28, 2015
Posted December 14, 2015

Pavel Dremov, March 8, 2015

Pavel Dremov, March 8, 2015

Dremov: Heroism – is such a word, you know, streamlined. Even heroism of civilians: those in Pervomaisk not escaped, did not leave, but remained under all bombing – it is also heroism. Just go to work, to bake bread for the people, when you shoot – the same heroism. Heroism – we have a fighter Sasha ‘Round “had” on the side “of the family lives … lived. This year, in February, first shot his father, then his mother. They shot just at the Lisichansk checkpoint, dragged out of the car and shot because blood relatives here. He continues to serve – it is also heroism.

Heroism – when people are standing with machine guns and tanks against them. When one party performs Minsk agreement removes heavy weapons and tanks sees in front of himself. But continues to serve, knowing that all their heavy weapons will not work earlier than two hours, and strong opponents fit in fifteen minutes. Still, all are at their posts. This is also heroism. In fact, heroism – it is to be a person in a difficult situation. If you do not win it’s all here: meanness, fear, envy and all the rest, you’ll be a hero unique. Heroes – they are ordinary people from ordinary people completely – they are not there some outstanding. Here there are heroes who simply give themselves fully service work. Even a mother who raises five children, – a hero. Heroism – the concept is very streamlined, very large. And we have a land of heroes. We have those, thank God, very much.

Question: I’ve been watching that now at the forefront of the LC mainly Cossacks, huh?

Dremov: Well, it happened. Yes.

Question: But why did this happen?

Dremov: Well, part of the Cossacks entered the so-called BTRO – a territorial defense battalions. Some, like our regiment, for example, have become part of the People’s Militia LC. And so it has turned out that the Cossacks now really are everywhere at our best, not because they are any otchayduhi not value their life in any case. Just their main task has been for centuries – to protect the homeland, defend the country and to keep their land. And to date. That’s when we Cossack regiment went to the police LC, we are partly preserved their customs, their own rules, but we do all the orders of the housing. Also we are on the front line, to perform tasks and participate in all exercises, and so on. D. Well, the Cossacks – they have been, are and will be.

Question: And what is now the hottest sectors of the front, where the Cossacks are we?

Dremov: Well, here you see the bold, again, Misha “Chechen” BTRO. They are under the Cossack village of Lugansk. It is for Luhansk. Bold – it is near Trehizbenki. Here, close it – gold, Trinity. Just recently, in spite of a full ceasefire, fired and Day, and the Diamond, this suburb Stakhanov, and by the Cossacks, who are at eighteenth BTRO at BTRO Bryanka, all of them were being fired not only from the mortars, but and heavy weapons. The most paradoxical: Minsk agreement, that’s all nice. And there are such attacks that have mortar nobody believes heavy weapons. Mortar 120 mm, I mean. Shoot and with 152 mm. You know, for the glory of the Cossacks did not do it, they do their job, to protect the homeland.

Not for the glory of it all done something for someone else. That, perhaps, the children go to school on September 1, so that later, probably the same Cossacks could live in peace, take the children to school, go to work quietly. In order to do this, not in order to become famous. To just lived quietly at home, that’s all.

Question: How often clashes, here, for example, Stakhanov – Pervomaisk?

Dremov: Well, actually ezhenochno. We like the OSCE Mission to bed, so the fun begins. They occur in different places. The area of responsibility of the regiment big enough. The shelling could be from gold and from Popasnaya and from the Trinity. Quite often carried out acts of provocation: drives up their heavy equipment – BMP2, not so heavy, thirty, kopeck piece, shell position and go. We sometimes can not even fire back for one simple reason: there is an agreement, an agreement, there is an order in the end. Quite often, the enemy starts firing, using this. And on certain days the enemy had information that we were given orders not to respond. They fired at us with impunity and left.

Question: And for what purpose do they do it? For what purpose is being a constant fire on cities, on the Cossacks on civilians?

Dremov: Well, first of all, it is the spirit of demoralization understand … do not like any soldier, when you shoot, and you can not answer. This is to undermine from within the army first. According to the population on mirnomu- displease. They say that because of you we are constantly on fire. In fact, all perfectly see that no one is going to perform in Minsk agreement, at least the Ukrainian side – that’s for sure. About any withdrawal of troops can be no question, they, on the contrary, here the troops pulled. Poroshenko not hesitate to say on television that he was grateful to the truce, he had to re-equip the army, to repair and build new shelves. And I assure you that the public looks at it and smiles. There was a case in October last year with the OSCE mission in Frunze. We lie to them under fire Ukrainians. And representatives of the OSCE, Petrak from Bulgaria, calling the focal point: “Why did you shoot?”. Those saying they do not shoot. Yes, I say I’m lying, you will shoot me. On 10 minutes the shelling, he called back and asked, “You left?”. He is standing next to me, said: “Yes!”. Immediately after his “yes” starts pounding again. I ask him: why are you in the reports do not specify it? He says that all states in reports. But what gives our head of the OSCE mission, he says, our records very nearly the same. Here it would like to draw attention. Wrong is everything.

Question: What do you think, what is it all going? That is the result: a strange alignment of a strange war, where one party performs the Minsk Agreement, and the second – no. What is this? Besides that the Donbass again become part of Ukraine, or, on the contrary, full-scale war, or to the Transnistria scenario?

Dremov: I do not want to Transnistria scenario as, in principle, and do not want to, and full-scale war, but back in Ukraine, we do not have roads. There is a number of reasons. Let’s not there by the LC, the DNI, and the prying eyes look at Ukraine. The fact that it is happening now. They built the Nazi state. A little distracted. Churchill once said that in the future the most zealous Nazis will be called anti-fascists. And so it came to Kiev. They argue that Putin and Russia are building here on the basis of Hitler’s armies, and so on. D., And so on. N. In this case, the battalion “Azov” has swastikas on their sleeves, while the right sector is recognized worldwide Nazi organization, and so on. What kind of democracy can we say if, because people wore a T-shirt in Kharkov (the news recently) with the inscription “USSR”, he was beaten and torn T-shirt. For that reason he is not dressed like that? This is only the first steps, then they kill those who will not speak, do not think so. Already in full hunt for dissidents.

And waiting for us … well, probably … I’d love to have waited for the world to ukrofashisty comrades retreated to the border, gone from us, and doing it themselves, and we are engaged in their area to themselves. But if war breaks out, we are ready to respond adequately. And most likely it will have another pot once. Imagine, they have superiority in technology, superior in others, but no matter what they have started, in the end it all ends boilers, and they sit in the boilers. They even have a joke. They say on the Maidan two veterans met, and one asks the other, “You are the caldron in which he served?”. So they all will serve and boilers.

Question: You somehow interact with the civilian population? What is the reaction of the peace?

Dremov: Various. In most cases, people understand us, support. It was easier to give steel a pension, social payments, we are trying to help people. But still there are people out there … that’s what we are positively different from the Ukrainian government, we are not persecuted for his views. There are people who believe in Ukraine. Please believe me, just do not harm, do not do anything, and believe … please, it’s your right. We need to give people a bit of freedom, that’s their business. There are people who honestly believe us.

Question: I just saw a lot of people who are afraid that the militia will depart, depart from Day, go away from our border zones …

Dremov: I’ll tell you a story. Well, clearly, we are acting Regiment. He was tasked to conduct exercises. The second battalion was withdrawn Pervomaisk and goes to the landfill work battalion tactical exercises. That same evening, I come here, and here the demonstration in Pervomaisk. Like, how can you leave us? Are you leaving? No, I say, we go to the exercises. We will come. Civilians did not give us leave, said: “Stay here and protect the city.” We were forced to agree. And the battalion traveled to parts of the doctrine. People have seen all of them together with us have gone through all of this, and we are with them. Grief and joy – all together.

We hid them under the bombardments, transported and bread and water, and they helped us a lot, simple people, very much. One sat on the headquarters, there is a small room staff called one at all. December 2014. And there comes a grandmother, her 80 years probably. Only then we gave the first payment. And it brings a half liter of milk, bread and flour buns. I said to her, “Grandma, yes, it is not necessary, we have everything.” She replies: “My grandmother suffered greater grandmother is now rich, you need to eat.” That’s what I remember. People are willing to give the last, you know, just to come here is not a war, but we were able to protect them.

Interviewed correspondent “Russian Spring” in LPR (LC) by Anna Dolgareva

In Memory of Pavel Dremov
Assassinated December 12, 2015
“We Mourn”


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