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DPR Rebuilds Destroyed Homes in Debaltsevo

Handing Keys to First Houses, Rebuilt and Restored
After Bombing by UAF

Alexander Zakharchenko official website
Autotranslation (with minor editing by Quemado Institute)
December 18, 2015

Alexander Zakharchenko with residents

Alexander Zakharchenko with residents

On December 17, the Head of the People’s Republic of Donetsk Alexander Zakharchenko handed the keys and documents of the first houses built in the framework of the reconstruction program after shelling by the APU [UAF – Ukrainian Armed Forces].

The first in a new home and moved in are residents from Debalcevo and Uglegorsk. During the presentation of the keys, the Head of State noted that in Donetsk People’s Republic will be re-built and restored everything destroyed by punitive [battalions].

The first phase of the rehabilitation program involves the construction of 111 housing new “turnkey” houses in Debaltsevo, featuring Uglegorsk, miner, Zugres. Currently, 100% ready are 30 houses. The stage of readiness of the rest is 99%. These objects are the final cosmetic work. In addition, the new housing installed plumbing, heating system, radiators, windows, entrance and interior doors. Footage of buildings is determined by the number of residents registered in the destroyed houses.

Fully complete construction is planned for the end of the year. After visiting the new home and communicating with Alexander Zakharchenko Novoselov made a number of organizational lessons. In general, the Head of the Republic appreciated the quality of houses built and the work done on 4+.

slavdec18y“It’s good that the house built in the period of two and a half months. Well, that was able to build a home at all, no matter what. But I’m pretty picky critic, so my rating: 4+. With builders, we will discuss it separately. But this phase of recovery has shown us what we can do, pointed to errors and omissions, which we try to avoid in the future,” said Alexander Zakharchenko.

Residents of new homes are happy. They recall with horror the days of shelling by the APU [UAF], the days of the occupation. Debalcevo resident Olga Shvedchenko says that on the day when a shell hit their house, they were lucky – if you can call it luck – no one was home, so they stayed alive.

“The house was burning for two days, it was impossible to enter. I thought I was to remain homeless, but thanks to Alexander – we have not given up. The house is built in such a short time. At the same time did everything for free. Many thanks. Yes, soon it will be difficult, because with the housing had been destroyed and all our belongings. But we can live with – most importantly, that there is no war,” said Olga Shvedchenko.

slavdec18xDebalcevo Uglegorsk and more than any other city of Donetsk People’s Republic suffered during the fighting. Uglegorsk was destroyed by 90%, Debalcevo – 80%.

As the mayor of Uglegorsk Oleg Neledva [said] today residents are beginning to return to his hometown. If immediately after the release of the Ukrainian Uglegorsk occupiers its population was about 4 thousand people, today this figure has almost doubled – 7500 residents. In the spring of 2016 in the Donetsk People’s Republic will continue the construction of housing destroyed by shelling the APU, the next stage will be built 450 houses of the private sector.