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March 2015 Archive
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Voice of Sevastopol Monday Situation Report. The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission has observed that the DPR/LPR militias have removed their weapons from the contact zone, while Ukrainian army violations have been recorded. For this and more news see March 30 sitrep with maps, photos and videos at The war in Novorossia Online 03.30.2015 Chronicle.

Dmitriy Yarosh (

Dmitriy Yarosh (–

Autonomous Right Sector Joins UAF. Right-wing paramilitaries pose the biggest threat to Kiev regime leader Petro Poroshenko’s power. “Now the Ukrainian neo-Nazis have a perfectly legal cover for conducting paramilitary training, something they could not have dreamed of before the Maidan. Ukraine is still firmly on course for its Doomsday,” says translator J. Hawk. “The granting of autonomous status to the Right Sector makes [Rada Deputy and Ukrainian nationalist leader Dmitriy] Yarosh more powerful.” See Fort Russ article Right Sector will become an autonomous territorial defense organization as part of the UAF (Mar 31).

OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine Deputy Chief Monitor Alexander Hug to visit Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk Voice of Sevastopol OSCE March 31, 2015

OSCE Deputy Chief Monitor Alexander Hug (

OSCE Deputy Chief Monitor Alexander Hug (–

Deputy Chief Monitor of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine Alexander Hug will visit Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk on 1 and 2 April. He will meet the SMM teams working in Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk, Joint Centre for Control and Coordination representatives, as well as other relevant interlocutors and assess the security situation in the area. The SMM Deputy Chief Monitor, Alexander Hug, and the SMM Spokesperson, Michael Bociurkiw, will hold press conferences on 2 April 2015: 14:00 (Kyiv time) in Donetsk at the conference room of the Park Inn hotel; 18:40 (Kyiv time) in Dnipropetrovsk in the SMM Field Office at 26a Ispolkomovskaya str. Any possible changes in timings and places will be communicated via social media (@OSCE_SMM, Live online streaming of the press conferences will be available at

(--Fort Russ)

(–Fort Russ)

Donetsk Lugansk Rail Service Restored. At the time Debaltsevo was liberated in February, ATO spokesman Lysenko said that the Ukrainian army would leave a “lunar surface” there. To this, the Donetsk People’s Republic Prime Minister Alexander Zakharchenko retorted, “We are ready to lay the railway on the ‘lunar surface’ which is left after the Ukrainian army.” See Fort Russ report at Donetsk-Lugansk rail service restored after 8 months (Mar 31), by Da Dzi, translated by Kristina Rus.

Voice of Sevastopol Sunday Situation Report. See The war in Novorossia Online 03.29.2015 Chronicle. .

LPR/DPR Prime Ministers Igor Plotnitsky and Alexander Zakharchenko (--Sputnik)

LPR/DPR Prime Ministers Igor Plotnitsky and Alexander Zakharchenko (–Sputnik)

Zakharchenko, Plotnitsky Propose Working Group for Constitutional Reform. Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republic Prime Ministers Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitsky have offered the head of Ukraine’s Constitutional Commission Volodymyr Groysman the establishment of a joint working group for modifying the Ukraine constitution as specified by the Minsk 2.0 agreements. See Sputnik News report at Donbass Offers Kiev to Set Up Joint Working Group to Reform Constitution (Mar 30). ,

US Gives Ukraine Humvees, Western Capitalists Benefit.

How to do business American style: Humvees for Ukrnafta Translated by Kristina Rus Fort Russ Edited by Quemado Institute March 30, 2015. Weapons, money, conflict of the oligarchs and foreign control of Ukraine.

US Humvee (--Fort Russ)

US Humvee (–Fort Russ)

After reading the news about the delivery of Humvees (military Hummers as they are called) to Ukraine, and even with “precision weapons” as Poroshenko said, it begs a question. For what services did the USA suddenly give Ukraine equipment and illegal lethal weapons?… There must be a trade-off, which the junta simply doesn’t have.

My question was answered by Arseny Yatsenyuk … the Prime Minister of the junta, [who] made a statement on the national TV channel: “There is one and only approach to public companies. The state is restoring its management, we respect the rights of other shareholders, we receive and distribute dividends, [and] we install new, high-quality foreign management.” According to him, this will prevent the new leadership from giving preferences to their “cousin-uncle-brother.” Yatsenyuk confirmed that this applies to Ukrnafta, Ukrtransnafta, Ukrtatnafta and all other companies. Do you get this? These companies must now pass under foreign control. It is those companies that were at the essence of the conflict between [Igor] Kolomoisky and Peter Poroshenko. These are almost the last companies that produce consistent super-profits. For this you would trade 76 Humvees, wouldn’t you? .

DPR PM Alexander Zakharchenko (--Novorossiya Today)

DPR PM Alexander Zakharchenko (–Novorossiya Today)

Zakharchenko: Civilian Weapons Outlawed. Donetsk People’s Republic Prime Minister Alexander Zakharchenko has demanded that all guns and ammunition possessed by civilian citizens be surrendered by Saturday. The Novorossia Today report is found at Zakharchenko demands that civilians in the DPR handed in arms before April 4 (Mar 30).

Voice of Sevastopol Saturday Situation Report. US armoured vehicles seen near Odessa, OSCE drones fired on by UAF, explosions in Odessa, and other frontline news is found at The war in Novorossia Online 03.28.2015 Chronicle.

Shirokino: UAF Shoots Anti-Tank Guided Missile at Civilian Car. Reliable Twitter source John Delacour tweeted at 23:00 UTC March 29 a link to a report with video in Russian, which can be found at Strelkov_info VKontakt page (not the real Igor Strelkov). In addition Delacour posted a photograph of a message in English as shown at right. (Please click to enlarge text.) Original in Russian.


Dmitry Yarosh poses for picture at  Rada session, November 2014(--AFP, Sergei Supinsky)

Dmitry Yarosh poses for picture at Rada session, November 2014(–AFP, Sergei Supinsky)

Yarosh: Unruly Donbass Residents Should Be Deported. Rada MP and leader of Ukraine’s Right Sector Dmitry Yarosh has stated that unruly residents of southeast Ukraine should be deported or denied rights. ” We have to deal with those who do not want to live by the rules and the laws of the state in a very harsh manner. This includes deportation, the deprivation of civil rights,” says Yarosh. The Sputnik News article may be found at Ukraine’s Right Sector Leader Wants Donbas Residents Deported (Mar 29).



Slavyangrad: Children of War. Olga Luzanova talks about children in Donbass she knows personally who have suffered shelling and adapted in their own way. A young boy plays with plastic toy tanks, but hopes for peace. See Stolen Childhood and a Dream about Peace (Mar 29), by Olga Luzanova. .

(--Novorossia Today)

(–Novorossia Today)

Passenger Trains Connect Donetsk Lugansk Capitals. The Transportation Ministry of the Donetsk People’s Republic has announced a passenger train schedule connecting the two cities beginning March 28. See Novorossia Today report at Transportation Ministry of the DPR: Passenger train is launched on Saturday 28th March (Mar 29). Editor’s note: As Americans, we look with awe and envy at the sleek modern passenger train now to connect the capitals of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics as a result of the hard and efficient work of their citizens in repairing the railway connection after it was destroyed by the Ukraine army in February. It is pretty clear the DPR/LPR are more advanced technologically and indeed a more civilized people than what can be found in the now comparatively backward USA, where “passenger trains” are slow, ancient and rare.

Global Research: Eric Zeusse on Kolomoysky. See commentary at Divisions within the Kiev Regime, the Role of Ukrainian Oligarch Kolomoysky (Mar 29), by Eric Zeusse.

Vladislav Deynego (

Vladislav Deynego (–

Deynego: No Reintegration Until Fascists Leave. In response to Kiev regime leader Petro Poroshenko’s statement that only reintegration, and not bombs, can restore Ukraine sovereignty, Lugansk People’s Republic Contact Group envoy Vladislav Deynego said there can be no reintegration until Ukraine cleanses itself of “fascist minions and pro-fascist politicians and to return to the democratic path of development.” About Poroshenko’s unfathomable lies and avoidance of the Minsk 2.0 measures, Deynego quips, “it was not Poroshenko that participated at the Normandy Four meeting, but his body double. Or perhaps his double’ sits somewhere deep in his subconscious, which causes him to thrash about, to abandon positions agreed up earlier.” See Sputnik News report Luhansk to Kiev: Kick Out the Fascists, Then We’ll Think of ‘Reintegration’ (Mar 22).

Voice of Sevastopol Friday Situation Report. Conditions have worsened near Stanitsa Luganskaya, a northwest suburb of the city of Lugansk, where Ukrainians have amassed more weaponry. The area suffered 50 attacks in less than 24 hours, a record number. For this and other frontline news see the March 27 sitrep with maps and videos at The war in Novorossia Online 03.27.2015 Chronicle.

BREAKING: Kiev junta attacks Shirokino near Mariupol

March 28, 2015, 16:51 local time Fort Russ (Original at Cassad) Translated by Kristina Rus

(--Fort Russ)

(–Fort Russ)

Just got a call from under Shirokino, the enemy went on the attack in Shirokino and a little North of Shirokino towards the village Octyabr. Is this a recon battle or the beginning of a more serious action is unclear. Our guys from the Slavic brigade took on the fight and are repelling the attacks. The concentration for the attack was prepared in the surrounding area, where infantry was amassed at night (mostly “pravoseki” [Right Sector] and the personnel of the “Azov” and “Dnepr”) while the representatives of the OSCE during the day “actively” performed the monitoring of the situation.. Mostly infantry is attacking with the support of APCS, tanks are trying to hit our positions at a distance, the attack is supported by mortars and as they like to say “SAUshki”. At the moment NAF is hold all positions.



OSCE says Ukrainian armed forces bombarded village east of Mariupol on Friday. TASS, March 28. [The] village of Shirokino, east of the port city of Mariupol, came under intensive shelling by the Ukrainian Armed Forces on March 27, the Special Monitoring Mission in Ukraine of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) said in a spot report on Saturday. On Friday the mission’s head condemned escalation of violence in eastern Ukraine. [Editor’s note: no further details are given.]

OSCE Reports Ukraine Shelling of Shirokino. The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission report of March 28 says, “On 27 March, the SMM observed … in the vicinity of Berdianske (government-controlled, 18km east of Mariupol) escalating fighting in Shyrokyne (“Donetsk People’s Republic” (“DPR”)-controlled, 20km east of Mariupol, 102 km south of Donetsk) counting over 225 mortar shells from 14:40hrs to 17:15hrs. The shelling had started only a few hours following an SMM visit to the “DPR” “command” in Shyrokyne. From its position the SMM estimated that the shells were fired from a position of the Ukrainian Armed Forces located in Berdianske.” This represents a breakthrough of sorts in OSCE reporting, as they rarely explicitly trace shelling to Ukrainian positions. The OSCE report is found at Spot report by the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (Mar 28).

LifeNews Video: Novorossia: schoolchildren in Starobeshevo are taught how to detect land mines and trip-wires left by Ukrainian troops (ENG SUBS).

Poroshenko’s Great Wall of Ukraine. The Kiev regime still plans to build a “Great Wall of Ukraine” along a 1,250 mile stretch of its border with Russia. For more details on costs and planning see International Business Times article ‘Great Wall Of Ukraine’ Is ‘A Priority,’ Petro Poroshenko Says: Donbas Defense Construction Set For April (Mar 27), by Thomas Barrabi.

. slavyanskmar28w

Poroshenko Promises Fortifications Along Battle Line. In addition to the “Great Wall of Ukraine” planned for the Russian border, fortifications are also to built along the contact line with Novorossiya. See Russkaya Vesna article Poroshenko promises fortification in Donbass instead of “The Wall” on Russian border (Mar 27).


Graham Phillips: Ukraine’s Fake Media. British video journalist Graham Phillips discusses how Ukraine’s media must be the most dishonest in the world. See Russia Insider article Ukraine’s Media: The Fake News Factory (Mar 25), by Graham Phillips.



LPR Security Officials Capture Ukrainian Paramilitaries. A group of Ukrainian saboteurs from the Aidar Battalion, who were planning terrorist acts, have been captured by Lugansk People’s Republic security officers. The Sputnik News report is found at Ukrainian Paramilitaries Captured in Lugansk Planning Terror Attacks (Mar 27).

Voice of Sevastopol Wednesday Situation Report. At least three were killed when a passenger bus hit a Ukrainian mine planted alongside the road in a suburb of Gorlovka. Two more people are reported killed in Donetsk after a fight with a Ukrainian Security Services sabotage unit, which have infiltrated the area. Fighting continues in Shirokino. 500 protestors in Kiev demand resignation of rogue Ukraine “Prime Minister” Yatsenyuk. This and other frontline news may be found in the March 25 sitrep with photos and videos at The war in Novorossia Online 03.25.2015 Chronicle.

. slavyanskmar26z

OSCE: Shirokino Houses, Infrastructure Destroyed. The OSCE was finally able to get into the village of Shirokino, which lies on the contact line near Mariupol, to find nearly all the houses demolished by recent fighting. See Russkaya Vesna article OSCE revelation: true disaster in Shirokino, no building remained intact (Mar 27).



Kiev Has Heavy weapons in Buffer Zone. In violation of the Minsk 2.0 Agreements, the Ukrainian military has heavy weapons withing the 30 km restricted zone, according Donetsk People’s Republic defense ministry spokesman Eduard Basurin. The Russkaya Vesna article is found at Donbass militia report Kiev’s heavy weapons within 30-kilometer buffer zone (Mar 27).

Fort Russ Situation Report: UAF Not Prepared for Nearterm Offensive. For details on offensive potential of both the UAF and NAF, as well as Poroshenko’s prospects in Kiev’s internal disputes, see When will war erupt on the Donbass? (Mar 26) by Yurasumy, translated with commentary by J. Hawk.

Voice of Sevastopol Tuesday Situation Report. Despite pressure from the US Congress, President Barack Obama still refuses to send lethal aid to Ukraine, stressing the need for diplomatic solutions. Zakharchenko adds, however, that the US has already been supplying weapons to Ukraine. For this and other frontline stories see the March 24 sitrep with maps and videos at The war in Novorossia Online 03.24.2015 Chronicle.

Russian Foreign Ministry Called on the international Community to Respond to Crimes of Kiev Novorossiya Information Agency March 25, 2015 [edited autotranslation]

Konstantin Dolgov (

Konstantin Dolgov (–

Russian Foreign Ministry Commissioner for human rights, democracy and the rule of law, Konstantin Dolgov demanded the international community respond to the actions of Ukrainian Security forces in Kiev after the bombardment of Russian journalists and OSCE observers in the area of Shirokino. “Once again Russian journalists came under fire from the Ukrainian Security forces, who also fired on OSCE observers. Kiev multiplies its crimes. An international response is needed!” Dolgov wrote in his microblog on Twitter. Recall, as previously reported by the Donetsk People’s Republic Ministry of Defense, the Security forces of Kiev fired on OSCE observers and a group of Russian REN TV journalists in Shirokino. According to the channel, the Ukrainian military attacked the car of journalist Dmitry Vahnitskogo and … Fedor Boldyrev, violating the ceasefire. The correspondents were able to leave the car and hide in the nearest house. All during this time it was shot at by snipers and machine gunners. Later, with the assistance of volunteers, they managed to escape from the bombardment of the Ukrainian Security Services.

Voice of Sevastopol Monday Situation Report. Ukrainian shelling continues, causing at least one civilian casualty, while UAF troops have established checkpoints near Stanitsa Luganskaya, almost in the city of Lugansk itself. See March 23 sitrep with maps and videos at The war in Novorossia Online 03.23.2015 Chronicle.

Zakharchenko Suggests Igor Kolomoisky Create Dnipropetrovsk Republic Novorossiya Information Agency March 24, 2015 [Autotranslation]

DPR Prime Minister Alexander Zakharchenko (

DPR Prime Minister Alexander Zakharchenko (–

Donetsk People’s Republic leader Alexander Zakharchenko made a proposal to the governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region Igor Kolomoisky to establish a Dnipropetrovsk Republic Kolomoiskiy, or DRC. This is reported by RIA Novosti. “In general, I do suggest to Kolomoisky a Dnipropetrovsk Republic Kolomoiskiy – DRC. This will be true. And why not? DPR is. DRC – a good republic … Kolomoysky de facto owner of the territory, is the real power, and Kiev [would] have to agree with him, “- said Zakharchenko. Quemado Institute comments: A further breakup of eastern Ukraine would probably be favorable for Novorossiya. We believe the best strategy is to quietly let it happen, and not say a word one way or another about Kolomoisky. After all, Kolomoisky came out and essentially said the DPR and LPR are legitimate and have powerful leaders. So be it. (See also our feature post Zakharchenko Suggests Kolomoysky Create Dnepropetrovsk Republic, from Fort Russ Blogspot.)

Graham Phillips feature photo

Graham Phillips feature photo

Graham Phillips Auctions Photos for Donbass. British video journalist Graham Phillips, who spent months near the frontlines in Novorossiya, is auctioning prints of his 20 most popular photos to raise money for humanitarian aid. See Truth Speaker report at My 20 Best Novorossiya Photos For Auction – As Selected By You, By Graham Phillips.

(--Novorossia Today)

(–Novorossia Today)

US House Approves Ukraine Lethal Aid. The United States House of Representatives has approved providing Ukraine with “lethal defensive weapon systems to enhance the ability of the people of Ukraine to defend their sovereign territory from unprovoked and continuing aggression of the Russian Federation.” See Novorossia Today report at US House Passes Resolution to Send Lethal Aid to Ukraine (Mar 24). Quemado Institute comments: The US government is obviously run by gangsters to have approved such an appallingly cruel measure in the face of revelations of abject corruption on the part of the Poroshenko regime they support. Though according to the article, “Russia has said that providing Kiev will weapons will exacerbate the Ukrainian crisis,” these are weak words unattended by action. It seems unlikely Russian President Vladimir Putin will take a strong stance against this threatening development, as it appears he has progressively weakened as a leader since his divorce of 14 months ago. The wife that made him president now gone from his life, he’s apparently taking the easy road down.



The Lies Intensify: Porshenko Again Requests UN Peacekeepers. Kiev’s chief hooligan Petro Poroshenko, in discussion with visiting Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations, Helen Clark, has again requested UN Peacekeeping forces in Donbass to “deescalate” the crisis. Helen Clark, in an amazing fabrication, noted the “special role of Ukraine in many peacekeeping missions and its significant contribution to the peace processes in different parts of the world.” The Joinfo article may be found at Poroshenko asks UN to send peacekeepers to Donbas again (Mar 24).

Kolomoisky’s War: The Web of US Connections. Ukraine oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, like his gangster rival Petro Poroshenko, maintains an insidious web of powerful American connections, including Academi (Blackwater), Monsanto, Goldman Sachs and the CIA. The details unweave in this opinion piece Ukraine: Kolomoisky steps out of shadow, goes on offensive (Mar 24).

(--Fort Russ)

(–Fort Russ)

Geraschenko: US Should Bomb Donbass. Ukrainian MP Anton Geraschenko has urged the United States to start bombing the Donetsk and Lugansk regions from aircraft carriers in the Black Sea. See Fort Russ report Ukrainian official urged the US to bomb Donbass from the Black Sea aircraft carriers (Mar 23), translated by Kristina Rus.



Voice of Sevastopol Sunday Situation Report. A second explosion in Odessa, shelling of Gorlovka and Donetsk, massive bombardment of Shirokino near Mariupol, and other news is presented in the March 22 sitrep with photos and videos at The war in Novorossia Online 03.22.2015 Chronicle.

British journalist Graham Phillips, known for his Novorossiya frontline videos (--Novorossia Today)

British journalist Graham Phillips, known for his Novorossiya frontline videos (–Novorossia Today)

Most British People Support Novorossiya. Graham Phillips: I met no one in Britain who supports Ukraine. Novorossia Today (Mar 23). British journalist Graham Phillips who was in Novorossia since the beginning of the military conflict, he writes now from his home that his countrymen think about events in new state. “I have been in Britain for several weeks, and I can say after the communication with native population that there is no one among them who supports seriously pro-Ukrainian movements and Ukraine in the conflict with Novorossia”, the journalist announced this absolutely sure. The official position is heard here only from the screens of TV sets and in social networks. Authors of pro-Kiev reports do not exist in real life. Graham takes part actively in alloutreach campaign, he speaks on a topic of Novorossia, and he collects financial aid for citizens suffered in Donbass. He is going to come back to Donbass the nearest time.

Yanukovych with American film director Oliver Stone (

Yanukovych with American film director Oliver Stone (–

Yanukovych Hospitalized. Novosti Novorossiya, March 23, 2015 [edited autotranslation]: [Exiled Ukraine President Viktor] Yanukovych was hospitalized with a suspected heart attack. The former Ukrainian President remains in serious condition in a Moscow hospital. According to unofficial information, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, who fled from Kiev and asked for political asylum in Russia, has been hospitalized in serious condition in one of the medical institutions in the Russian capital. According to the source “MK”, Yanukovych was hospitalized with a suspected heart attack. His health condition is assessed as “severe.” Official confirmation of this information has not yet been reported. [Editor’s note: We saw reports yesterday that Yanukovich’s son was killed in a vehicle accident, possibly having contributed to his condition.]

Serbian Volunteer Fighters Face Jail. A law has been hastily enacted in Serbia criminalizing volunteer soldiers who fight for Novorossiya. The Russia Insider reports is found at Serbian Volunteers Fighting for Novorossiya Are Threatened with Imprisonment Back Home (Mar 23).

Donetsk: UAF Shelling Kills Three. Enrico Ivanov, whom we have found to be a reliable source, gave the following sitrep on Twitter. Ivanov tweets between UTC 10:00 and 17:00 on March 22: “Breaking! Ukrainian forces deliver artillery strike at railway station in #Donetsk! / Breaking! Heavy fightings in Peski and Spartak! Shootings heard in Yasinovataya! Ukr. offensive to retake the W. outskirts of Donetsk!? / SIT REP Ukrainian shellings on Donetsk Petrovskyi District! 3 people killed (a man, a woman and a kid)!” Voice of Sevastopol Saturday Situation Report. Progress on elections under the Minsk agreement, Ukrainian ceasefire violations and other news are presented in the March 21 sitrep with maps and videos at The war in Novorossia Online 03.21.2015 Chronicle.

Vladislav Deinego (--Tass)

Vladislav Deinego (–Tass)

Deinego: Kiev Is Sabotaging Minsk 2.0. The Lugansk People’s Republic Minsk Contact Group envoy Vladislav Deinego has denounced Kiev’s unwillingness to implement the mandates of the Minsk 2.0 Agreements. “Kiev cannot even admit that [the] whole Donbass in unison, represented by two people’s republics, has risen against the tyranny of pro-fascist followers of [Stepan] Bandera [Ukrainian nationalist] as they seized power in Ukraine,” the envoy noted. See Tass News Agency report LPR: Kiev postpones re-integration of Donbass by dodging implementing Minsk agreements (Mar 22).

Poroshenko (--Sputnik)

Poroshenko (–Sputnik)

Kiev Seeks 8-15 Year Prison Sentence for DPR/LPR Journalists. Ukraine’s Minister of Information Policy, Yuri Stets, says he wants prison sentences of 8 to 15 years for jouralists who work at Donetsk and Lugansk television stations, while claiming credit for noncensorship. See Sputnik News report Ukraine’s ‘Ministry of Truth’ Wants 15-Year Prison Terms for Journalists (Mar 22).


Kolomoysky Battalion Seizes Oil Company’s Kiev Headquarters. Ukrainian oligarch Kolomoysky has ordered his own financed militants to take over the office of Ukrnafta, the country’s largest oil extraction company, welding steel barriers to secure the building. For details see Fort Russ article Kolomoysky’s militants seize Ukrnafta office in Kiev (Mar 22).

Kiev Threatens Odessa Population. Some 36 people have been charged with terrorism-related offenses in the second wave of the Kiev regime’s Anti-Terrorist Operation in Odessa. The Voice of Sevastopol report is at The second phase of ATO began in Odessa (Mar 22).

UAF Strikes Donetsk Rail Station. Tass, March 22, 2015: The Ukrainian forces have delivered an artillery strike at a railway station in Donetsk, the defense ministry of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) said on Sunday. “A direct hit was registered in a three-story building on the territory of the railway station around 11am [local time]. It is yet unclear what kind of projectile was used,” the DPR defense ministry was quoted by the Donetsk News Agency as saying.

Voice of Sevastopol Friday Situation Report. See The war in Novorossia Online 03.20.2015 Chronicle.

Deutscher Bundestag, Berlin, Germany (

Deutscher Bundestag, Berlin, Germany (–

March 21, 2015: Bundestag to Prosecute Germans Fighting for Novorossiya. According to Ukraine Today, Bundestag (the German parliament) is considering ways to allow the government to punish German citizens fighting alongside the Novorossiya Armed Forces militias in Donbass. As reported by, at least 100 Germans have been reported fighting against the Ukrainian government. Germany has said it will launch an investigation to figure out their identities. Editor’s note: on the heels of the prosecution in Spain of the 8 Spanish volunteers, this represents a disturbing trend toward further worldwide condemnation and misunderstanding of the Novorossiya republics and their need for and right to self-rule.

Russia to block UN peacekeepers’ deployment in Donbas – Lavrov Ukrinform March 21, 2015

UN Security Council (

UN Security Council (–

Russia will not vote in the UN Security Council on the draft resolution to deploy peacekeepers in Ukraine. This has been stated by Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov on the air of the Russia 1TV channel, TASS reports. “We will not even vote,” the minister said, when asked about Russia’s actions in case such a draft is submitted to the UN Security Council. “If this story goes to the Security Council, the Council immediately requests the Secretary General to report on how this initiative is treated by both sides – in this case the Kyiv authorities, Donetsk and Luhansk. There are no other peacekeeping operations,” Lavrov said. As reported, on March 17 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine asked the United Nations and the EU Council to deploy peacekeepers in Ukraine.

Voice of Sevastopol Thursday Situation Report. On March 20 Ukraine is to begin consultations with the UN for the introduction of peacekeepers, there has been more fighting in Shirokino near Mariupol, and the LPR is to start paying salaries and pensions in rubles. For the March 19 sitrep with photos and videos see The war in Novorossia Online 03.19.2015 Chronicle.

Verkhovna Rada up to no good this week (

Verkhovna Rada up to no good this week (–

CyberBerkut Reveals Kiev Brainwashing Scheme. Members of Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada (parliament) are prepared to stop at nothing to subdue Donbass, including raising the pitch of propagandist lies and even introducing temporary dictatorship. See Sputnik News report at Hackers Reveal Drastic Plans in Ukraine to Brainwash Donbas ‘Idiots’ (Mar 20).

Ukraine Intelligence Units Legalized for Novorossiya. Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada (parliament) has passed a law allowing Ukrainian intelligence units to carry out operations in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republic. We assumed these would be sabotage units aimed at assassinations and other violent provocations, judging by Kiev’s past actions. RT interviews Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute in this RT “op-edge” piece entitled ‘Ukraine new spy law designed as provocation, opens whole can of worms’ (Mar 20).

Debaltsevo’s Recovery. See 4-minute video Report from Debaltsevo after liberation from the Ukrainian occupation(published Mar 16).

Vladimir Kononov (

Vladimir Kononov (–

Kononov on Leave? Conflicting rumors that DPR Defense Minister Vladimir Kononov has resigned or been dismissed are refuted by the official word of DPR Defense Ministry spokesman Eduard Basurin, who says Kononov is on leave for family reasons. Basurin’s statement in Russian is found at the Novorossiya Information Agency. An edited autotranslation reads as follows: .

Eduard Basurin (--Novorossiya Information Agency)

Eduard Basurin (–Novorossiya Information Agency)

DPR Defense Ministry denied rumors of the resignation of the head of department Vladimir Kononov (Mar 19). Rumors about the resignation of the Defense Minister (MOD) of the Donetsk People’s Republic Vladimir Kononov are untrue, says the deputy corps commander of the DPR Defense Ministry Edward Basurin. “The Minister of Defense, Major General Vladimir Kononov. is currently on leave for family reasons. Colonel Sergei Velikorodnyi has been appointed acting DPR Defense Minister,” said the DPR official. Basurin also added that, in the case of aggravation of the situation in the Republic, Vladimir Kononov will terminate his leave early and return to execute his duties. Posts on the resignation of the DPR Defense Minister were published today in social networks, but the circumstances of the case were not specified.” [Editor’s note: some observers fear Kononov has been removed permanently, in a manner reminiscent of Strelkov. Apparently the acting DPR Minister of Defence (MOD), Sergey Velikorodnyi, callsign “Cap”, is considered a follower of Igor Strelkov, whose military victories helped create Novorossiya. However, sources fear Velikorodnyi is just a “place holder”, and that someone else will be appointed as MOD who is not a Strelkovite. We take this to mean there might emerge a less victorious leadership of the DPR militia in the near future, implying possible sabotage of the freedom efforts of the Donbass Republics. We hope this is not the case, but it is too soon to tell, and we have little reliable information.]

Lada Ray (--Futurist Trendcast)

Lada Ray (–Futurist Trendcast)

Lada Ray: New Ukraine Offensives Predicted. On her website Futurist Trendcast, Lada Ray says intelligence indicates Ukraine false flag provocations are likely on Pascha (Orthodox Easter) April 12 and on Victory Day, the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, May 9. In addition, Russian military expert Vladimir Prokhvatilov, confirmed by intelligence sources in Donbass and Ukraine, says Kiev is expected to start a new massive offensive to surround and cut Donetsk off from Lugansk, with a simultaneous attack on Lugansk. See Intel: Is Kiev About to Break Minsk Accords? New Offensive on Donbass and False Flags to Sabotage Victory Day in Russia (Mar 19)

Konstantinovka Horror: Locals Say UAF Behave Like WWII German Nazis. Lada Ray posts on her Futurist Trendcast website a description of the sentiments of the local people of Konstantinovka, who eagerly await DPR liberation, and who complain of drunk and drugged Ukrainian soldiers smashing cars and houses with their armored vehicles and firing shots into the air. See Konstantinovka Horror and Riots: Drunk Kiev Military Run Over Three People, Kill 8-Year-Old Girll (Mar 19).

Givi Assassination Attempt. See video Assassination attempt on Givi 19/03/15 interview with Givi (Mar 19), subtitles by Kazzura.

Givi Assassination Attempt LifeNews with video in Russian March 19, 2015 [Rough-edited Autotranslation by K. Pomeroy]

DPR Commander Givi (--LifeNews)

DPR Commander Givi (–LifeNews)

The car of the well-known commander of DPR militia unit “Somalia” Givi came under unknown fire. In silver KIA was released at least 12 rounds of 5,45 × 39 mm. The commander said he was only saved by the fact that he had to jump out of the car, said the soldier in an exclusive interview with LifeNews. The attack on Givi’s car happened during the day, when the commander went out of town to the militia positions in Makeevka. When leaving the area of Chernogvardeyskogo a silver foreign car overtook the blue car VAZ-2109 and began to brake sharply. The unknown [shooter] opened fire. Givi says that he was saved by his reaction rate. “I managed to jump out of the car, and it is self-propelled and already rolled on. I counted 12 hits in the car. Hit came to the back door, on the glass, touched the engine. I saw the car, took out a weapon, a gift from Zakharchenko, opened fire, but they jumped up and went to the side of the ring road,” said the commander of “Somalia” to reporters from LifeNews. Givi will not accept an appointed guard to accompany the car as a result of the incident. “I ride without protection, I fear no one. I’m on my own territory. Everyone says that it is necessary to introduce protection. We do not VIPs to protect us,” concluded the legendary militia.

Konstantinovka Tank Accident Photographer Abducted. The journalist who took photographs of the the tank accident in Konstantinovka that killed a mother and her little girl has been seized by unknown persons in military uniform. His family does not know his whereabouts. See Fort Russ report at Konstantinovka activist/reporter abducted for taking photos of the deadly accident with the Ukrainian military,(Mar 19).

Voice of Sevastopol Wednesday Situation Report. Poland has agreed to send Ukraine 300 units of NATO-standard tanks. Ceasefire violations included shelling of the airport, forcing rescuers to flee. This and other news may be found at The war in Novorossia Online 03.18.2015 Chronicle.

Zakharchenko Video: They Are Our Children, Our People. DPR Prime Minister Alexander Zakharchenko talks about the Konstantinovka tragedy, the crimes of the punitive forces, renewed attacks on Spartak, and the nullification of the Minsk agreements in this 5-minute video DPR PM Zakharchenko: UAF attacks Spartak settlement, UA govt undermines Minsk agreement (Mar 18), subtitles by Kazzura. .

Graham Phillips in Slavyansk (--Moscow Times)

Graham Phillips in Slavyansk (–Moscow Times)

Graham Phillips Interrogated at Heathrow. British journalist Graham Phillips, known for his frontline videos of the war in Donbass, was detained for four hours at Heathrow International Airport by police who questioned him on orders from the British government, a clear and egregious act of harrassment that threatens freedom of the press. See article by Graham Phillips at The Truthspeaker website My Complaint To Great Britain, About Great Britain (Mar 19).

Colonel Cassad Wednesday Report. For news from the front, including NAF sabotage/reconnaissance groups in Konstantinovka, see A brief but important update (Mar 18).

Voice of Sevastopol Tuesday Situation Report. See The war in Novorossia Online 03.17.2015 Chronicle.

Seven EU Countries Oppose Sanctions on Russia. As the European Union continues to lose power, with uprisings and opposition parties on the rise, seven countries now oppose further sanctions on Russia for its alleged involvement in the Ukraine war, including cyprus, Spain, Italy, Austria, Greece, Slovakia and Hungary. See Sputnik News report at Seven EU Countries to Oppose New Anti-Russian Sanctions at Summit (Mar 18). [Editor’s note: If the EU collapses, it may cause Ukraine to dissolve into the anarchy of a failed state, a condition favorable for the emergence of Novorossiya as an economic miracle.] .

Artseniy Yatsenyuk (--Washington's Blog)

Artseniy Yatsenyuk (–Washington’s Blog)

Yatsenyuk Determined to Control Donbass. Ukraine’s rogue “Prime Minister” Artseniy Yatsenyuk, in an impassioned speech to his cabinet Wednesday, said “our goal is to regain control of Donetsk and Lugansk.” He claims the financial resources are available. These “resources” consist of loans to the bankrupt government from the IMF and other financiers such as George Soros, who buy Ukrainian Government bonds. Yatsenyuk told his cabinet, “We will fight using all methods and techniques for … regaining control of [the] Donetsk and Luhansk region.” Author Eric Zeusse claims President Petro Poroshenko is nothing more than a figurehead, and his own proposal for Donbass special status was rejected by the Ukraine parliament, essentially nullifying Minsk 2.0. Zeusse goes on to claim, without verifiable evidence, that “Ukraine has become the proxy state for America’s war against Russia.” We disagree with this viewpoint. Yes, the United States provoked the coup that started this war in the first place, but financial interests remain the driving force. We have seen no proof that Russia has any direct involvement in the conflict, and consider this is a civil war, one side driven by economic pressure that is further fuelled by historical hatred, the other side defending its right to freedom. For Eric Zeusse’s opinion, see the Washington’s Blog commentary Ukraine Declares Resumption of War Against Donbass (Mar 18). .

Denis Pushilin (--Tass)

Denis Pushilin (–Tass)

Fort Russ: The Minsk 2.0 Fiasco. The Verkhovna Rada accepted a bill Tuesday in which several decisions were adopted, all of them are contrary to the agreements reached in Minsk on February 12. This has led Donetsk People’s Republic envoy Denis Pushilin to make the following statement: “The adoption of the amendments to the law on the special status by the Rada is a point of no return to the Minsk agreements as such. Minsk agreement does not provide for the amendments to the law on the status of Donbass. Poroshenko essentially makes a number of trailer amendments, which after our analysis lead us to the conclusion that this law ceases to be viable.” For full Fort Russ report see Minsk-2 fiasco explained: Kiev wants to retain the Debaltsevo pocket (Mar 18).

Voice of Sevastopol Monday Situation Report. Details on the Konstantinovka uprising, the status of Minsk 2.0 compliance, and other events in Novorossiya are presented in this March 16 sitrep with photos and videos at The war in Novorossia Online 03.16.2015 Chronicle.

Pauline (Polina), who perished March 16 in Konstantinovka.

Pauline (Polina), who perished March 16 in Konstantinovka.

. Red Star Over Donbass. A rally will be held in Donetsk today, March 17, in memory of children killed by the Ukrainian army in Donbass, including 8-year-old Pauline who perished in Konstantinovka last evening. See Donetsk rally in memory of children killed in Donbass (Mar 17). [If article does not appear, please scroll down to title.]



Rally Held in Memory of Children Truth about situation in Ukraine March 17, 2015

Donetsk, Rally in Memory of Children, March 17, 2015 (--Truth about Situation in Donbass)

Donetsk, Rally in Memory of Children, March 17, 2015 (–Truth about Situation in Ukraine)

Residents of Donetsk have gathered to honour the memory of a 8-year-old girl Polina of Konstantinovka and other Donbass children killed by the Ukrainian army. People brought flowers, candles and carried placards saying “We mourn, it hurts us…”, “They wanted to live”, “Poroshenko and Co! How many more children’s lives will you take away?”

Konstantinovka: A Resident Speaks. A dweller of Konstantinovka wrote in facebook on March, 17: “The night was tough. It seems, it became the last night for some people. There was shooting, smoke and tar. Ukies pulled up reinforcements consisting of the Right Sector members and unleashed them at the population. I feel bad, when I think of Ukie faggots raiding the blocks of apartments. Yesterday a general arrived and addressed the crowd; a granny started shouting at him: ‘Why are your drunken soldiers killing our children? Go away and take your beasts with you!’ To that he retorted: ‘They are not beasts, they are heroes, who are defending you from terrorists’. Fuck them, the Banderite scum, THEY are the terrorists, and not the militiamen. Everything quieted down by now, and the Right Secs roam about the town and grab people. On what grounds the people are grabbed, I do not know, perhaps, out of the blue. At night many people had been deported in police vans. We’ll soon take to the streets, and I will say more: we are ready to fight back. If the need arises, we will barehanded strangle the Banderite scum, we will pick machine-guns off their corpses and defend ourselves, but we will not make it without help. I hope Zakhar will move his arse there in Donetsk and send us support or at least arms. If no one arrives, Ukies will arrest every one, who came to the scene of the incident yesterday. The rats brightened up and started squeaking”.

Konstantinovka: Tuesday Rally Protests Ukraine Army Presence. A rally of more than a hundred angry residents took place today, March 17, in Konstantinovka, to protest the behavior of the occupying Ukrainian army who are often seen drunk, following the death of an 8-year-old girl killed by a Ukrainian tank. The Tass News Agency article is at Rally in Ukrainian town urges troops to leave after combat vehicle kills 8-year-old — TV (Mar 17).

Colonel Cassad: Riot in Konstantinovka. “[S]ilent hatred of the ‘liberated’ towards their ‘liberators’ is slowly growing under the foot of the fascist occupation. Today this hatred broke out,” says Cassad. See commentary with videos at When hatred finds an outlet (Mar 16).

Konstantinovka The Morning After. The Kiev-occupied city of 67,000 residents where a Ukrainian tank has killed a mother and child looks like a ghost town this morning, as people fear reprisals over the riot that followed the accident. The Fort Russ report may be found at The morning after the riots: Konstantinovka is a ghost town (video) (Mar 17), by Kristina Rus. .

Alexander Zakharchenko (--Cassad Live Journal)

Alexander Zakharchenko (–Cassad Live Journal)

Colonal Cassad: Zakharchenko Dismisses Rada Special Status Law. DPR Prime Minister Alexander Zakharchenko said on March 17 about the law on special status for Donbass approved by the Ukraine parliament, “There is zero meaning in the bill of Donbass special status that was introduced in the Ukrainian Rada. Nothing that was discussed in Minsk is done.” As Cassad notes, “the junta still views Uglegorsk, Nikishino, and other settlements of the Debalcevo bridgehead as its territory … transparently [hinting] that none of this stuff is going to be implemented.” The full commentary may be found at The “wanky” bill (Mar 17),by Colonel Cassad.

LPR/DPR Contact Group envoys Vladislov Deinego and Denis Pushilin (

LPR/DPR Contact Group envoys Vladislav Deinego and Denis Pushilin (–

DPR/LPR Reject Poroshenko’s Special Status Law. The amendments on Donbass special status submitted by Kiev leader Petro Poroshenko to the Ukraine parliament have not been coordinated with the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics leadership, said DPR envoy to the Contact Group Denis Pushilin. “From our point of view, they are legally meaningless and politically void,” stressed Pushilin. The Tass News Agency article may be found at Self-proclaimed republics don’t recognize amendments to law on Donbas special status — DPR (Mar 17).

Poroshenko’s Special Status Amendments Ruin Minsk 2.0 Process. Lugansk People’s Republic Prime Minister Igor Plotnitksy explains that Kiev regime leader Petro Poroshenko should coordinate the amendments with the two Republics before submitting them to the parliament, as was required by points 4 and 12 of the Minsk 2.0 measures. See Tass News Agency article Luhansk republic urges Poroshenko to revoke amendments to Donbas special status law (March 17).

DPR Prime Minister Alexander Zakharchenko

DPR Prime Minister Alexander Zakharchenko

Zakharchenko: DPR Requires Control of All Cities That Held a Referendum (Novoya Gazeta, March 17, 2015) [Edited autotranslation]. The head of the Donetsk People’s Republic Alexander Zakharchenko declared the necessity of establishing control by the DPR of those cities where, in the past year, a referendum was held on independence for the People’s Republic, it was reported by Interfax. “We have to take control of all of our cities where a referendum was held, and after that, we will politically cooperate (with Ukraine) as equal partners,” said Zakharchenko.



Ukraine Rada Passes Law Granting Special Status Only After Elections. The Verkhovna Rada (Ukraine parliament) has passed a special status law for Donbass today, March 17, to take effect only after local elections, which are to be regulated by Ukraine’s constitution and would disallow the participation of “illegal armed groups”, according to See Rada passes law granting special status to Donbas only after elections (Mar 17). [Editor’s note: the process of formulating laws on special status is, according to Minsk 2.0, to include discussion with and agreement by the leadership of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republic. Since this has not been done, the law should be considered null and void. Moreover, Kiev was not granted by Minsk 2.0, the unilateral right to regulate local elections in Donbass.]

Verkhovna Rada (--Tass)

Verkhovna Rada (–Tass)

Karyakin: Kiev Special Status Law Contradicts Minsk 2.0. Alexey Karyakin, parliament speaker of the Lugansk People’s Republic, said on March 17 that the new law on Donbass special status, passed unilaterally by the Ukraine Rada on Tuesday, contradicts the provisions of the Minsk agreements. Their decision to recognize the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics as “occupied territories” shows that the Kiev government does not want peace in Donbass, he added, noting that, “The adoption of appeals to the United Nations and the European Union to send peacekeepers to the Donbas region by Verkhovna Rada will practically annul the Minsk agreements.” See Tass report at Kiev’s unilateral decision on Donbas status violates Minsk agreements — LPR speaker (Mar 17).


. . slavyanskmar16qKonstantinovka: Fort Russ Reports. See Ukrainian BMP runs over a mom with kids in Konstantinovka (video) (Mar 16). Konstantinovka: Fort Russ Updates. See LIVE UPDATES: Konstantinovka Revolt. DPR flag raised over the SBU building (March 16). . Konstantinovka Unrest After Tank Hit & Run: RT Reports. See Ukrainian police get ‘shoot-to-kill orders’ amid unrest over army hit & run killing of 8-year-old (Mar 16). Konstantinovka: TWITTER Reports. At about UTC 20:00 March 16, Konstantinovka, a city of 76,000, is experiencing civil unrest after a Ukrainian tank accident that apparently killed two civilians. Greg Butterfield of Red Star Over Donbass tweets at about 20:00 UTC: “Rebellion in Kostiantynivka: Ukraine barracks ablaze after mother & child killed. YouTube.” Another source tweets: “Ukraine people are burning army barracks in occupied town and in response Obama’s Poroshenko started shelling Donetsk City.” GB, a reliable source, tweets at 21:00: “NAF [Novorossiya Armed Forces] is in battle-alert status. No other information beyond that.” GB adds: “FLASH—KONSTANTINOVKA—People continue coming out on the streets in Konstantinovka. Reports of a helicopter coming from Kramatorsk to city.” Another source tweets: “Locals rioting in Konstantynivka streets (Donetsk reg) after a Ukr military vehicle hit civilians today. Governor sent MIA rep to investigate.” Another source tweets: “Ukrainian armoured vehicle drivers that killed woman & child in Konstantinovka reportedly detained & ‘evacuated’ to Kramatorsk.” More tweets from several sources at 21:30 UTC: “Armored vehicle knocked down 7 year old girl near Donetsk, Poroshenko allowed to local police shoot to kill on a crowd of protesters.” Zerohedge tweets: “Civil revolt in Konstantinovka, West of Donetsk after Ukr military run over two persons, Ukraine forces appear on the move also.” Another source: “If the locals take up arms, DNR LNR forces in Gorlovka could keep the Ukraine army distracted by attacking Dzerzhinsk.” GB tweets: “FLASH—Continued reports that Ukraine is pulling reinforcements toward Konstantinovka.” John Delacour answers: “Only a couple of hours ago 34 ukronazi tanks were travelling FROM Konstantinovka towards Donetsk. Have they turned back?” GB replies: “Those were destined for near Donetsk. Armour is coming from Kharkov through Konstantinovka to Peski, etc. Light armour is coming from Artyomovsk to Konstantinovk to quell the uprising.” John Delacour replies: “Ah, Artëmovsk makes sense. They have been reinforcing there for days, as you know. Watch StanitsaLuganskaya too. Things could break.” John Delacour tweets at 22:00 UTC: “More nazis, RightSector, assorted UA thugs arriving in Konstantinovka. People fear a massacre. Ukrops all over the place. NAF HELP!” Another source tweets at 22:30 UTC “Right now! If we do not come to the rescue, Konstantinovka waits Night Massacre, a real night of the long knives! Help! Ukry on the streets!” MS, a reliable source, tweets at 22:30 UTC: “FLASH Konstantinovka reported to be completly cut out from Mobile or Internet Communications.” GB tweets at 22:30 UTC: “Gorlovka garrison is closest, but it is spread thin. #Debatlsevo is still in low clean-up stage.” A reliable source replies at 24:00: “There are heavily fortified roadblocks on the road to Gorlovka. Not easy. Maybe Reconnaissance & Sabotage units…” slavyanskmar16n NL, a reliable source, tweets at 22:30 UTC: “#HELP—#URGENT—Appeal for immediate help from #Konstantinovka.” (Text at left is included in message.) NL adds: “Multiple fires, sirens and alarms, shouting in Konstantinovka.” Another source tweets at 23:00: “I think some Nazis are getting the Odessa treatment in Konstantinovka tonight. UAF shooting into crowd, people wanna trap and burn them.” John Delacour says: “#Konstantinovka A RightSector jeep has hit a mine and exploded, killing all the occupants.” RJ tweets: “Any chance pro #Russia fighters will move to Konstantinovka to combat RightSector?” Another source replies: “I think they’re too far back…they would have to break through a few checkpoints to get there.” Another source tweets at 23:30 UTC: “Geraschenko: ‘police will be shooting to kill. If there is no time to warn , we will be shooting to kill immediately.’ #Konstantinovka.” Other sources speculate all mobile communications have been cut because a massacre is to happen. Communications are all coming from nearby villages. Olga Luzanova tweets at 23:50 UTC: “#ALL – Konstantinovka: People have rebelled not against just regime, but against heavy armour. No more sufferance & fear. A real fortitude!” Another source says: “Ukraine claims #Konstantinovka protesters have fled . So why cut internet, mobiles to stop anyone saying different?” slavyanskmar16p [Editor: Konstantinovka lies in Kiev-held territory about 20 km west of Artyemovsk, and approximately midway north-south between Kramatorsk and Gorlovka, some 40 km from each.] . . .


Konstantinovka Tank Accident Uprising [Auto-translation] Tatiana Steshenko March 16, 21:54 The crowd outside of the APU, located on the seventh school in Konstantinoke Donetsk region, gradually began to disperse. About 100 people came here in the region of 19:30 turned the empty bus and set it on fire. “Well arson was certainly not very strong – people are released and all pairs. Hatred and rolls over. Now the crowd, of course, became less, but people continue to stand by the APU parts” – raskazal “lead” an eyewitness. According to him, to the townspeople approached several times by people in mufti and asked to leave. Some have gone as soon as it became known, that those responsible for the accident detained. Also, he said, the military fired several shots into the air to scare the crowd. In the theme of social networking share pictures of dead girls in Kostyantynivka. The accident occurred on Monday 16 March at 14.42 at the University Avenue, near the city hospital number 5, the press service of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry. All under the tracks of the combat vehicle hit three pedestrians. Mother and child second woman, who was in a wheelchair, were taken to hospital. Later Kostyantynivka spontaneously gathered people set fire to the hostel, which is housed in the Ukrainian security forces and call girls to give them murderers. The crew of the BMD, which is now in the Donetsk region Konstantinovka knocked the woman and children, law enforcement officers moved in Kramatorsk. This UNN reported in the local militia.

Voice of Sevastopol Sunday Situation Report. Ceasefire violations, fighting near Shirokino, and secrecy surrounding Poroshenko’s draft document on Donbass special status regions are reported in the March 15 sitrep with maps and videos at The war in Novorossia Online 03.15.2015 Chronicle.

Voice of Sevastopol Saturday Situation Report. The OSCE observed and reported shelling from Ukraine-controlled territory on the outskirts of Shirokino, Poroshenko has introduced a bill to the Verkhovna Rada on the determination of individual areas of Donbass, and more news are found in the March 14 sitrep with photos and videos at The war in Novorossia Online 03.14.2015 Chronicle.

Colonel Cassad Sunday Update. The “truce” is essentially imaginary, from the perspective of Cassad, as low intensity fighting continues along the front. Those associated with organized crime are being arrested in the DPR, and the civilian sentiment in Mariupol is favorable to Novorossiya. For details see A brief but important update (Mar 15).

DPR/LPR Prime Ministers Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitsky (--Novorossia Today)

DPR/LPR Prime Ministers Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitsky (–Novorossia Today)

DPR/LPR Request France, Germany to Impose Sanctions on Kiev. The leadership of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (DPR/LPR) prepared a joint announcement to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President François Hollande, who are among the “Normandy Four” participants in the Minsk 2.0 peace process. The document said that Ukraine is sabotaging the fulfillment of the agreements. Ukraine did not maintain the terms of the withdrawal of heavy military equipment from the contact line, and the OSCE observers were not allowed to visit the places of the equipment’s temporary relocation. The list of territories in Donbass that are to receive special status was also not put forward in a bill to the Rada (see related article below). Meanwhile, the deadline for fulfillment of these agreements is March 14. There is an economic blockade on all DPR/LPR cities. Social payments are not being provided, and the banking system does not work. As a result, France and Germany were requested to impose sanctions on those Kiev politicians whose actions led to this situation, and were asked to end financial support for Ukraine, which is at war against the population of Donbass. The DPR and LPR have invited European specialists to provide aid in restoring the banking system. [Editor’s note: the above is an edited summary of a Novorossia Today article entitled The DPR and LPR called France and Germany to implement sanctions on Kiev (Mar 14).]

Petro Poroshenko (--Novorossia Today)

Petro Poroshenko (–Novorossia Today)

Related article: Poroshenko Registers Law on ‘Certain Districts of Donbas’. On Saturday, March 14, Kiev regime leader Petro Poroshenko submitted a new draft law to the Verkhovna Rada (Ukraine parliament) entitled “Draft Resolution on the Determination of Specific Regions, Cities, Towns and Villages of Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts, with a Special Procedure for Local Government,” as required by the Minsk 2.0 peace agreements signed in February. Draft No. 2374 as of March 14, 2015, has been published on the web site of the Verkhovna Rada and passed to the leadership of the Parliament. The following is an autotranslation of what appears to be the full text of the draft, according to as well as other sources: Draft Resolution on the Determination of Specific Regions, Cities, Towns and Villages of Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts, with a Special Procedure for Local Government: Number, date of registration: 2374, 14.03.2015 Session registration: 2 Session VIII convocation The subject of legislative initiative: President of Ukraine The initiator(s) of the bill: Poroshenko PA President of Ukraine Main Committee: Committee on State Construction, Regional Policy and Local Government Other committees: The Committee on Legal Policy and Justice; Committee on Budget; Committee on Preventing and Combating Corruption [QI Editor: There is no further text available at the Rada website. Apparently the full document remains secret. See related articles below.]

Denis Pushilin (--Tass)

Denis Pushilin (–Tass)

Related article: Pushilin: Secrecy Surrounding Ukraine Draft Document Unusual. About the draft document submitted by Petro Poroshenko on determining the regions of Donetsk and Lugansk to be granted special status, DPR envoy Denish Pushilin said nobody in either Donbass or Ukraine have seen text of the document, which is both unusual and contrary to the spirit of the Minsk 2.0 agreements. See Tass News Agency article Pushilin: secrecy around draft document on Donbass contradicts with parliamentary norms (Mar 15).

Related article: Poroshenko offers bill on self-governance in Donbass to Verkhovna Rada Russia Beyond the Headlines March 15, 2015 On March 14, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko submitted to the Ukrainian parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, a bill giving self-government to areas of the Donbass. The day before, leaders of the self-proclaimed Donetsk (DPR) and Luhansk (LPR) People’s Republics, Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitsky, jointly called on French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel to put pressure on the Kyiv authorities in order to make them honor the Minsk agreements, part of which calls for self-governance for the disputed regions. “The Verkhovna Rada has not even started to debate a resolution containing a list of districts in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions that will enjoy special rights in accordance with Ukraine’s law ‘On the special status of Donbass,'” Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky said. “The 30 days that were assigned for the implementation of the resolution in accordance with the roadmap approved in the Package of Measures for the Implementation of the Minsk Agreements expire tomorrow, on March 14.” Representatives of the LPR regarded the news of the bill’s submission with cautious optimism. “Certainly we welcome this as a step. But the deadline for handling the document expired yesterday. It is good that it was submitted at least today. However, before meaningfully speaking of the bill we must see what is written there, what measures it implies,” DPR envoy Vladislav Deinego told Interfax.

Related article: Ukraine NSDC Considers Debaltsevo Outside Special Status Region. According to the Ukraine National Security and Defense Council, special status will be assigned only to regions that were controlled by the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics at the time of Minsk 1.0 in September 2014. “Security Council’s Deputy Secretary Mykhaylo Koval said … that the special status law will not apply to areas captured by anti-government militia after September 19, 2014,” reports Sputnik News. This would apparently exclude the territory of the Debaltsevo cauldron, which was not liberated until February 2015. Quemado Institute doubts that DPR PM Alexander Zakharchenko would accept such terms. It is our understanding that the Minsk 2.0 agreements mandate consultation and cooperation on these issues with the DPR/LPR leadership, which has not happened. The Sputnik article is found at Poroshenko Submits Bill Demarcating Special Status Zones in East Ukraine (Mar 15).

Voice of Sevastopol Friday Situation Report. Continued UAF ceasefire violations, the beginning of the negotiation phase of the Minsk process, and possible US refusal to officially provide arms to Ukraine are reported in the March 13 sitrep with maps and videos at The war in Novorossia Online 03.13.2015 Chronicle.

Donbass Special Status Draft Submitted. Kiev regime leader Petro Poroshenko has submitted a draft resolution on special status for regions in Donbass. The Tass News Agency article may be found at Poroshenko submits draft resolution on special status of districts in Donbas region (Mar 15).

Azov Battalion (

Azov Battalion (–

Mariupol Reign of Terror. Russia Insider points out that even the US-funded Voice of America cannot deny the fact that “many Mariupol residents consider Ukrainian forces, especially Azov battalion, as marauders, invaders and occupiers.” The article notes that “the Neo-Nazi Azov battalion has … several times repeatedly and openly [stated] that they will not respect the Minsk 2 cease fire and they will continue their fight against ‘Russian terrorists.'” See Russia Insider commentary US-Funded Propaganda Channel Admits Reign of Terror in Kiev-Controlled Mariupol (Mar 14).

Voice of Sevastopol Thursday Situation Report. DPR/LPR envoys Pushilin and Deynego have offered to hold the next Contact Group meeting in Novoazovsk, which lies on the coast of the Azov Sea in the Donetsk People’s Republic. Meanwhile, Christine Lagarde announced $10 billion in IMF funding for Kiev over the coming year, while UAF shelling continues near the Donetsk airport in Peski and Oktyabrsky. The March 12 sitrep with maps and videos is available at The war in Novorossia Online 03.12.2015 Chronicle.

Red Star Over Donbass: Western Intervention in Ukraine War. A thorough expose of United States and NATO provocations at Russia’s frontier, including US authorization of weapons to Ukraine, is presented in this unsettling and informative analysis. “[T]he real goal of the U.S. power play in Ukraine is to establish NATO military power on Russia’s border, with the aim of fomenting regime change to break the Russian Federation into pliable, profitable pieces that can be easily dominated by Wall Street and its European junior partners,” says author Greg Butterfield.

Oleksandr Turchynov attends Ukrainian National Guard exercises on the Novi Petrivtsi shooting range. (

Oleksandr Turchynov attends Ukrainian National Guard exercises on the Novi Petrivtsi shooting range. (–

He adds, “While the Ukrainian Armed Forces today are a meat grinder for workers, unemployed people and youth forcibly drafted, and who frequently desert at the first opportunity, the National Guard comprise the forces most loyal to the junta of oligarchs, neoliberal politicians and fascists in Kiev. This is the force the U.S. wants to train and strengthen.” He concludes with, “Every day, it grows more urgent for the anti-war forces in the U.S. to stand up and demand: Stop the weapons, stop sanctions, stop provocations against Russia! Stand with the people of Donetsk and Lugansk resisting genocide and austerity!” Thank you Greg Butterfield. We agree. The in-depth commentary may be found at U.S. in Ukraine: Watch what they do, not what they say (Mar 13), by Greg Butterfield. [If article does not appear, please scroll to title.]

Donetsk and Luhansk Denounce Kiev for Sabotaging Minsk Obligations Sputnik March 13, 2015

LPR/DPR Prime Ministers Igor Plotnitsky and Alexander Zakharchenko

LPR/DPR Prime Ministers Igor Plotnitsky and Alexander Zakharchenko

The heads of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic have appealed to Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande to put pressure on Kiev to stick to the obligations it committed itself to in the agreement signed in Minsk …, saying that Kiev is sabotaging its obligations under the agreement signed in Minsk in February this year. “We have to appeal to you as the guarantors of the agreement signed in Minsk with a request to put pressure on Ukraine, up to personal and economic sanctions, to force its authorities to carry out the set of measures agreed upon by the contact group in Minsk on February 12, 2015 with your active participation,” the Donetsk news agency quotes the two heads of self-proclaimed republics as saying in a joint statement.

DPR Envory Denis Pushilin

DPR Envoy Denis Pushilin

The self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic’s negotiator Denis Pushilin has warned that Kiev has only one more day left to grant the Donbas territories a special status. “The Verkhovnaya Rada [Ukrainian Parliament] has to define the list of territories in Donetsk and Luhansk regions that have a special status. Kiev has only 24 hours left to fulfil its obligations. In the event that such a decision is not reached in 24 hours, it will be evident to the whole world that Kiev has no intention to stick to the roadmap signed in Minsk,” Pushilin said in a live broadcast on the news channel “Russia 24”. Earlier in March, Germany has already expressed its dissatisfaction with the slow pace of fulfilling the Minsk agreement. On February, 15, in accordance with the new Minsk agreements, Kiev forces and independence supporters of Donbas have ceased hostilities. The truce between Kiev forces and independence supporters in Donbas is one of the agreements reached by the leaders of Ukraine, France and Germany and Russia on February 12 after 16-hour talks aimed at the de-escalation of the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Other Minsk agreements stipulate the creation of a buffer zone between the warring sides through the withdrawal of heavy weaponry from the region and Kiev’s decentralization of power, which may lead to more liberal arrangements for the eastern Ukrainian regions of Donetsk and Luhansk as well as an all-for-all prisoner exchange.

Zakharchenko: Blockade Hurts Ukraine Economy. DPR Prime Minister Alexander Zakharchenko points out the market strengths of Donbas in terms of raw materials, electricity and agriculture, noting that Ukraine is on the losing end of the Kiev-imposed economic blockade. See Tass News Agency article Donetsk Republic calls on Kiev to stop economic blockade (Mar 13).

Voice of Sevastopol Wednesday Situation Report. DPR PM Alexander Zakharchenko is working to provide product independence for the Donetsk People’s Republic. An explosion rocked Odessa, while Shirokino is under continuous fire. For full March 11 sitrep with maps and videos see The war in Novorossia Online 03.11.2015 Chronicle.

Video: Givi and Motorola Give Thanks. In this 51-second video the two commanders display their usual sense of humor. See Motorola and Givi receive help from Fund of aid to Novorossia (Mar 12), with English subtitles.

TWITTER Report: Planned Mariupol Cauldron. A well-known pro-Norovossiya source tweets at about 17:00 UTC March 12: “Donetsk PM Zakharchenko says that a Mariupol pocket is in preparation.” A link is provided to a video in Russian at Zakharchenko in Novoazovsk admitted that he is preparing a third, Mariupol boiler (published Mar 12). [Editor: We are hoping to see a version with English subtitles.]

Related article: Ilovaysk–Debaltsevo–Mariupol? Zakharchenko’s warning to Poroshenko Fort Russ March 12, 2015

Kiev regime leader Petro Poroshenko (--Fort Russ)

Kiev regime leader Petro Poroshenko (–Fort Russ)

Cauldron-3: From Debaltsevo to Mariupol? Translated from Russian by J.Hawk DPR head Aleksandr Zakharchenko said that in the event Ukraine resumes combat operations, it will suffer yet another cauldron, this time around Mariupol. “There were two cauldrons already. We’ll have to give them a third one so that they understand they should stop doing bad things. One has to think before doing,” Zakharchenko said at a briefing in Novoazovsk. He emphasized that self-defense forces will act “pre-emptively.”

Alexander Zakharchenko (

Alexander Zakharchenko (–

Zakharchenko yet again called on Kiev to withdraw remaining heavy weapons from the demarcation line and strictly abide by the letter of Minsk Agreements. “As of right now we are fully observing Minsk Agreements. We withdrew our equipment. We are preparing for the sowing season. We are leading a peaceful life, we intend to do everything necessary to ensure peaceful existence. Ukraine, on the other hand, which had gotten used to trying to solve its problems through war, will sooner or later lose the whole country,” Zakharchenko added. J.Hawk’s Comment: Zakharchenko had already warned before that should Minsk-2 fail, there will not be a Minsk-3. Certainly not with the current Kiev government. Zakharchenko also noted that, according to Minsk-2, Kiev must complete the withdrawal of heavy weapons within two days, and then start implementing the political aspects of the agreement, including the establishment of political relations with Novorossia, adopting a law giving it a special status, and other related provisions. Which Kiev shows no sign of even pretending to implement. Instead, Poroshenko is going around making statements that the UAF are working to re-establish combat readiness. We’ll find out soon enough whether the leash on which the IMF is keeping Ukraine is short enough.

slavyanskmar12w A Political Analysis of Putin’s Ukraine Strategy. See What Does Putin Want? (Mar 12), translated by Alexander Fedetov, edited by @GBabeuf.


Kiev Set to Miss Minsk Deadline. Donetsk People’s Republic Prime Minister Alexander Zakharchenko warns that Kiev must withdraw heavy armaments from the contact line and begin settlement negotiations by March 14, the deadline specified in the Minsk 2.0 Agreements. See Tass News Agency article at Donetsk republic gives Kiev two days to prove its compliance with Minsk agreements (Mar 12).

Zakharchenko’s Enlightened Farm Tax Policy. The DPR figures out how to provide product independence from Kiev. Donbass Center March 11, 2015 slavyanskmar12y “A single tax for producers of agricultural products will be introduced in the DPR in two years,” said the leader of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko at a meeting with the heads of cities and regions, writes Politnavigator. At the meeting, a proposal was announced to introduce a fixed tax of 271 hryvnia per hectare now. However Zakharchenko said that it was premature for such a step: “This scheme is simple and convenient, it is suitable for a peaceful life. However, we have a war, and we need to provide the market with food. If we start to choke farmers and the agricultural sector as a whole, it is to no good end.” “The economic costs of the republic due to the failure of the immediate introduction of the tax are not as fundamental as the prospect of tax-free food farmers. We may have lost 20-30 million hryvnia, but the people on the ground quietly sigh, and will do what they love and know how to do. If we strangle them with a tax, it will have the opposite effect,” said Zakharchenko. Original in Russian. [Editor: the above is an edited autotranslation.]

slavyanskmar11v The Crimea Nuland Doesn’t Want You to See: A Photo Essay. US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland has said Crimea is “living under a reign of terror” and that “Ukraine is building a peaceful, democratic, independent nation across 93 percent of its territory.” Meanwhile, Crimea has voted 83% satisfaction with its new status. Sputnik News presents photos of Crimea today at Life ‘Under a Reign of Terror’: What Nuland Doesn’t Want You to See (Mar 11).

False Flag Explosion Near Krasny Partizan. A car bomb was detonated Thursday near the village of Krasny Partizan, which lies 20 km north of Donetsk in Ukraine-held territory. Four were killed, including two children. The Donetsk People’s Republic Defense Ministry believes it was a provocation staged by Kiev. The Sputnik News article may be found at Ukraine’s Donbas Region Car Bomb Blast Kills Four (Mar 12).

Odessa Explosion. Ruptly TV 1-minute Video: “Emergency workers inspected the damage after a large explosion, the second in Odessa in the last seven days, destroyed the offices of the Self Reliance (Samopomich) political party on Krasnov Street in Odessa, Thursday.” See Ukraine: Explosion rips through Self Reliance’s Odessa office (Mar 11).

Announcement: Rallies for Donbass in London, Dublin. See Support Donbass – Dublin, London, March 15, 2015.

Video: Shirokino Ceasefire Violations. This 3-minute video produced by the Republican Guard of the Donetsk People’s Republic portrays Ukrainian army violations of the ceasefire agreement in the village of Shirokino some 20 km east of Mariupol. See Clashes in Shirokino 10/03/15 (published Mar 11), subtitles by Kazzura.

Voice of Sevastopol Tuesday Situation Report. News of Ukrainian army weapons procurement, ceasefire violations and other news from the front can be found in the March 10 sitrep with maps and videos at The war in Novorossia Online 03.10.2015 Chronicle.

slavyanskmar11z Strelkov Predicts Kiev War Escalation. [Igor] Strelkov, the ex-Minister of Defense of the [Donetsk People’s Republic], appealed to the people of Russia, asking them to help in provision of the Army of Novorossia with summer uniform and equipment. He says the reserves that his charity fund “Novorossia” has accumulated are not enough for the new campaign. He also says that the resumption of the hostilities in Donbass is inevitable, as Ukraine is not going to carry out any political reforms and is openly preparing for the escalation of the conflict: the Minsk Agreement is not being implemented by the Ukrainian side in regard to the withdrawal of heavy artillery. [Original Facebook report is at Truth about situation in Ukraine (Mar 11).]

LPR Establishes Medical Self-Sufficiency. The Lugansk People’s Republic takes more steps toward independence and self-sufficiency by producing its own pharmaceuticals in the face of the Kiev regime’s blockade of medical supplies to the region. The Novorossia Today article may be found at Pharmaceutical production is being launched in the Lugansk People’s Republic; hemodialisis was renewed and insulin issue settled (Mar 11).

Denis Pushilin, Vladislav Deinego (--Tass)

Denis Pushilin, Vladislav Deinego (–Tass)

Pushilin, Deinego: Kiev Delay of Special Status Complicates Peace. DPR and LPR Contact Group envoys Denis Pushilin and Vladislav Deinego have given warning that Kiev’s delay in the implemention of special status for the two Donbass regions complicates the peace settlement as defined by the Minsk 2.0 Agreements. See Tass News Agency report at Delayed implementation of Donbas special status decree affects peace process — LPR, DPR (Mar 9)

Voice of Sevastopol Monday Situation Report. Clashes continued Monday at Shirokino, about 20 km east of Mariupol. Nine civilians were killed by Ukrainian shelling in the settlements of Yunokomunarovsk and north of Yenakiyevo. More details can be found in the Monday March 9 sitrep with maps and videos at The war in Novorossia Online 03.09.2015 Chronicle.

Voice of Sevastopol Sunday Situation Report For March 8 sitrep with maps and videos see The war in Novorossia Online 03.08.2015 Chronicle.

Voice of Sevastopol Saturday Situation Report. For March 7 sitrep with maps and videos see The war in Novorossia Online 03.07.2015 Chronicle.

Mozgovoi ─ Attslavyanskmar7kempted Assassination March 7, 2015. According to Novorossiya News, there has been an assassination attempt on the Commander of the Novorossiya Ghost Brigade, Alexey Mozgovoi, at Alchevsk. Three explosive devices went off, causing Mozgovoi shrapnel wounds to the head. At the time of writing, he has received medical treatment and says he feels well. Source: Strelkov_info. [Editor’s note: this is not the facebookpage of Igor Strelkov, but that of an organization that some analysts consider reliable. We are looking for further confirmation.] Original.

Russkaya Vesna Update: See BREAKING: Lugansk leader Aleksey Mozgovoy’s car was detonated, he got head wound (Mar 7).

Voice of Sevastopol Friday Situation Report. For March 6 sitrep with photos and videos, see The war in Novorossia Online 03.06.2015 Chronicle.

Ukrainians Fight in NAF Ranks. In this 14-minute exclusive video, LifeNews journalist Semyon Pegov speaks with Western and Central Ukrainian volunteers who are fighting on the side of the Novorossiya Armed Forces. See Western and Central Ukrainians fighting in NAF ranks (Mar 5), subtitles by Kazzura.

Voice of Sevastopol Thursday Situation Report. British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond offers further defense assistance to Ukraine. Shelling continues at the Donetsk airport, and intense combat takes place in Gorlovka. The “Normandy Four” is not satisfied with the progress of weapons withdrawal, said Russian Federation Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin at yesterday’s meeting in Berlin. The full Thursday March 5 sitrep with photos and videos may be found at The war in Novorossia Online 03.05.2015 Chronicle.

Givi: OSCE Attacked at Donetsk Airport. A video of Novorossiya Armed Forces Commander Givi explaining how his men, accompanying the OSCE observers to the Donetsk Airport yesterday, were attacked by the Ukrainian army from the direction of Peski, first by a tank, followed by mortar fire. “The OSCE are truly a neutral organization” says Givi. “Everyone was frightened.” See LifeNews exclusive video at Givi: OSCE mission got attacked by UAF tanks at the Donetsk airport (Mar 6).

slavyanskmar7y Kharkov Referendum May Be Held. For brief Novorossia Today report see Lyashko: There is a probability that the referendum to support Russia or Novorossia will be held in Harkov (Mar 7).


Kiev Threatens Kharkov City Council. See Fort Russ Blogspot article Rada deputy threatens to shoot the Kharkov authorities for refusing to declare Russia as an “aggressor” (Mar 5), translated by Kristina Rus.

Debaltsevo railway restored (-- Sputnik/Mikhail Voskresentskiy)

Debaltsevo railway restored (– Sputnik/Mikhail Voskresentskiy)

DPR Restores Damaged Debaltsevo Railway in 12 Days. In less than two weeks, the Donetsk People’s Republic militia has restored the strategic railway junction in the heavily war-damaged town of Debaltsevo, after what had been thought to be its total destruction by the Ukrainian forces in February. Debaltsevo lies on the railway route between the two Novorossiyan capital cities of Donetsk and Lugansk. See Fort Russ Blogspot article Kiev junta puzzled by the diligence of the “terrorists” restoring the Debaltsevo railway junction in 12 days (Mar 5), translated by Kristina Rus.

Near Donetsk, Donetsk People's Republic (-- Bogden Smykov)

Near Donetsk, Donetsk People’s Republic

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